My view: is Peace Truly Elusive?

Peace could be easily attained in Sulu and Mindanao if we truly want it. Why is there a person and group who doesn’t like peace? The complex yet indirect answers could possibly be found in the long winding peace negotiation. What would be the benefits of FAB to the people of Mindanao and Sulu? Will the MILF successfully convert into reality the agreement being signed? Could this agreement be fruitful when on the other side the biggest revolutionary group like MNLF, the BIFF and some Independence movement Sultanates are disagreeing? Do the MILF committees will convene with these groups when they start to draft the Bangsamoro Basic Law? Do the MILF committees and the GPH considered the other insurgent groups and independence movement as the remaining hardest task to settle? What are the important steps to be taken to satisfy the longing of these groups? Will the MILF and GPH succumb to their demands if in case they ask for something odd?

I am a man of peace, hopefully friends who are connected with MILF don’t get me wrong in asking some questions above. A peace agreement is not about who champion it, or who have attended the signing, but it's about the implementation. Though the FAB is still in the process I think it's good to have this quite late reaction, whether they read it or not. We have all the rights to comment because when peace disrupted everybody would share the same fate.

Yesterday at school,an idea surfaced based on the issue above: “if peace could not be attained even the MILF and GPH is in the process of signing the peace agreement, its good if the GPH would deal with the MILF and ask them to focus in Mindanao area and also renew the agreement with MNLF also ask them to focus in the Sulu area.” This may be unacceptable to those who live with Bangsamoro identity, however, we should start to face the reality that the people of Sulu and Mindanao are distinct and would not be fitted to put in a basket. Though these insurgents shared the same religion, in interests, history and customs they are different. 

Let's hope for the best. Anyway here is the link that gives us a thousand words related to this post.

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