In the early 70’s, people of Sulu, Mindanao and Palawan formed the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF). The purpose was to resist the maltreatment of the Philippine government against Muslims happened during the Jabidah Massacre in the Corrigedor Island, Philippines. The incident happened when a group of Tausug trainees massacred by the Philippine military in that Island as they refuse to invade Sabah under the special project named “Operation Merdeka”. The political science professor Nurrullaji Misuari reacted violently. As a result, he and some concern Muslims scholars from Sulu and Mindanao went to the ground to recruit the civilians and brilliant students to join the call for defensive Jihad against the republic. The qualified recruits then sent to the Middle East and Malaysia for military training. Prior to the MNLF, the Muslim rebels had already formed the group called Ansarul Islam. Most members of Ansarul Islam were becoming part of the MNLF later.

When the war broke up in the early 70’s, MNLF did get the support of Tun Mustapha back then he was the chief minister of Sabah. The Kampung Moro was opened as a temporary shelter for the families of the MNLF fighters and to receive wounded combatants from Sulu and Mindanao. Later on, the camp Jampiras followed also served as a camp of the MNLF and receiver of any assistance from the Middle East, and other purposes. From the start up to the end, Jampiras had served the purpose of the MNLF in Sabah. Moreover, the first batch of refugees arrived to Sabah starts during this period.

When the war in Sulu and Mindanao become intense, more displaced persons arrived in Sabah, most of them were relatives of the MNLF. In Sandakan, the displaced persons dwelling in some communities like Kampung BDC, Ramai-Ramai, Kampung Gelam and others. Others moved to Kota Kinabalu, Semporna, Lahad Datu, Tawau and Labuan. When the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) came in in coordination with the State government the resettlement areas for the refugees opened in Sandakan and other parts of Sabah. Those refugees living in different communities transferred to their new homes.

The life of the refugees in the resettlement areas was quite tough at the outset. They were forced to adapt to the new environment. Later on, the refugees had learned to live in Sabah and adopt the way of life of the Malaysian.

Without depending from the support of UNHCR the refugees survive through selling food in the market, working in the plantations, constructions, restaurants, and other businesses. The refugee children allowed to get an education from the primary government schools even without birth certificate. The chieftain of the refugee community provided its subjects with “Surat Sumpah” (Letter of Oath) used as required to enrol in government school. The refugee children enjoyed some benefits in school provided by the state government as the Malaysian pupils. Back then, the Yayasan Sabah provided free notebook, pencil, shoes, and milk for all pupils in the government schools. This subsidy is part of the foundation’s  objective “providing education and educational facilities for all Malaysians in Sabah; creating opportunities for a more equitable distribution of economic wealth among the people in Sabah; and providing aids to charitable institutions and victims of natural disasters.” (, 2016).
School named after the refugee community in Sandakan. This school have had
served the children of the Muslim refugees since early 80's up to now.

As part of the new members of Society in Sabah, the state government issued documents to the refugees. These are the so called BANCI (Pasukan Petugas Khas), UPJKM or Burung-Burung and DAFTAR (Unit Penempatan di Jabatan Ketua Menteri)EXPO (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara)KAD POLIS (Polis Di Raja Malaysia), and SPECIAL PASS (Jabatan Imigresen). Later on, these documents changed to IMM13 or Social Visit Pass issued by the Immigration Department of Malaysia specifically to the refugees arrived in Sabah in the early 80’s. This IMM13 is renewable every year for 90.00 Malaysian Ringgit. The holder of this document can travel and work around Sabah and Labuan.

After decades, staying in Sabah some IMM13 holders managed to change their status of refugees to Permanent Resident through the legal way sanctioned by Malaysian constitution. Moreover, some IMM13 holders still have hope that someday they could change their status.

When the Final Peace agreement (FPA) between the MNLF and the Government of the Republic of the Philippines signed in 1996, the refugees had high hoped that their fate would be changed. But, the situation happened to the FPA had somewhat broke the hearts of the refugees in Sabah. Until now, the refugees are not stopping to hope that someday they would be going home most likely when peace and development already stable.

Among the Tausug artists I love to listen to their songs are brother Asree Elaji and Julfekar. They are both Tausug Malaysian. Asree Elaji aka Asree Moro is an author of the book entitled Tausug and the Sulu Sultanate. He is a cartoonist based in west Malaysia. In his free time he mix music in laptop using some apps. Brother Asree is a good friend whom I salute.

Brother Julfekar is a renowned Music producer in Malaysia. His recent song hit most radio stations in the Philippines is entitled Tibuuka na. The artists sang this song are Malaysian and Filipino, Min Yasmin and Nikki Bacolod. The lyric of this song was written by Nelson Dino also a Malaysian-Tausug writer.

There are few people in the modern era who would support the call for martial law. As there would be many human rights violations than eliminating, the criminals, most likely if the target criminals are not specified. Yes, the purpose of martial law is to totally halt the existence of the organized crime groups and the rest, but ensure that there will be no civilians affected. 

In the latest deployment of 10 battalions of the Armed Forces of the Philippines to Sulu shows the frustration of the Aquino administration to stop the kidnapping in the ZamBaSulTa (Zamboanga, Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi) areas. Why? It is obvious that the outgoing Chief of Staff has failed in its campaign to stop the Kidnapping for Ransom (KFR) gang from its root. However, this challenge would clearly transfer to the incoming Iron-Fist President Elect Rodrigo Duterte. Though President Duterte has been famous in its campaign against the criminals in Davao, for the KFR problem we cannot say yet whether he will be able to stop this inhumane activity or not. 

As a Tausug, I simply say KFR activity has no basis in Islam and in the culture of the good people of this race – therefore it must erase. As an ordinary citizen, I just would like to add some insights related to the development of conflict in Sulu from Martial law era up to now.

President Marcos has a good motive, as a President of the Republic, in declaring martial law in Sulu and Mindanao, because as a President, he had in mind that the development in the Philippines would not happen if he cannot stop the rise of Muslim insurgents in the south. However, he failed to realize that the level of awareness of the Muslims in Mindanao towards other citizens of the Philippines back then were very poor. Additionally, the Muslims in Mindanao did not feel that they were part of the republic. Therefore, to fight the Philippine Military back then considered as a duty of the Muslims, and the MNLF propagandist promoted this. The worst was, when the MNLF propagandist said to the people that the Christian from Luzon are coming to erase the religion Islam in Mindanao. Many Muslims ate the bait. They had in mind, when they die on the battlefield they will admit to the Garden of Eden without an account. In short. it was because of the martial law that’s the problem in Mindanao exacerbated. The cause of the Muslims for Hula’, Bangsa, Agama (State, Race and Religion) born as a reason to push the Muslims to fight against the government. From MNLF, the MILF was created and later the Abu Sayyaf, which in the early phase this extreme group had claimed to continue the cause for Hula’-Bangsa-Agama.

The KFR is quite organized recently, they have a wide network as far as Sabah, Malaysia. Sulu has become a drop-center of the kidnap victims from surrounding places. The latest hostage taking was in Sabah-Philippines border where 14 Indonesian crews and 4 Malaysian citizens taken as hostage by unidentified gang. The sad scenario happened recently when Robert Hall, a Canadian, slaughtered by the Abu Sayyaf in the island of Sulu. This is one of the reasons of the recent administration deployed thousands of the Armed Forces to Sulu.  

Martial Law is considered as a panacea to end the KFR activity in Sulu and Mindanao, however, there are various issues that need to consider prior to decide for all- out-war. First, why the KFR still exists even the war against this bandit have had initiated by the previous administrations? Second, what factors which really motivate the bandits to undertake this inhumane activity? Obviously, it is because of ransom money, however, does the local government deliver their responsibility to the people? Third, are not the KFR members, particularly in Sulu, the children of those who were killed during and after the martial law? Fourth, are the KFR real fights for ideological issue or economic reason? Do the government has the best plan to disarm the civilians, and the private armies of the politicians in the Philippines?

The Martial law can be a viable solution, only, if the government has done its best to satisfy the needs of the people. Also, has an option to confiscate the weapons and close the gun manufacturers in the country. If not, I am afraid; it would only bring the republic to another episode of the dark history. 

In the case of Sulu, martial law is not an ideal solution for now, so to speak. The KFR can be halted by using all the resources, including technology that has with the government. The Governor, Mayor and the Barangay officials must cooperate fully with the men in uniform to fight the bandits. Unluckily, LGUs in this area did not maximize their role as public servants and protect the rights of the people.

The incoming President Rodrigo Duterte, I believe, is wise enough to design an effective solution before he resort to the all-out-war. Let the criminals face their wrongdoings through effective and efficient way and save the lives of the innocent civilians. Ineffective decision would create more enemies while the target enemies are safe in their haven.

As a victim of the Martial law in the 70's I beseech to Almighty Allah, may peace reign in this part of the world. It is time, Muslim and non-Muslim to work together and compete to do good deeds. No one wins the war all are losers. 

I am a son of a refugee who fled to Sabah in the 70's and 80's.  We thanked the previous leaders of Malaysia for giving our people a place to stay, to work and the rest. 

Last few days, there was a chieftain of a refugees community in Sabah chatted with me in the messenger. Honestly, he and hundreds of refugees who holds IMM13 documents are willingly to go back home once incoming President Rodrigo Duterte installed peace and development in the Philippines. We already missed home, he said. 

The letter below was posted in facebook. Hopefully, it had reached the incoming President attention.
Dear President Rody Duterte​,

In behalf of the Tausug and other tribes who fled to Sabah Malaysia from Southern Philippines in the 70's and early 80's I would like to bring this issue to your attention as our President and as our fellow Mindanaons. We still believe someday there shall be a leader of our country who can save us from the situation we are currently facing. In addition, we are hopeful that the said leader is you.

We are living for decades in Sabah. There are many Presidents come and go in our country, unfortunately no body taking care of our plight. No effective solutions yet been undertaken by our government to solve the reasons why we are here. Yes, most of us are victims of Martial Law and corruption. 

We are still hoping that there shall be a leader with full of courage and sympathy to bring us back to our homeland. If you cannot afford to do so, please just save our children from illiteracy. Let them feel that they have a country and leader that would really take care of their plight. Let them experience how it feels to be at school.

In this video, you can see the children of the refugees living in some parts of Sabah. 

May the Almighty give you more power to realize your vision for the better future of the Filipino people

I was not very excited for the first time I visited West Malaysia. But I really loved to explore myself this modern and developed capital city in South East Asia, Kuala Lumpur . Home of the Malay and land where tolerance and respect to others is highly promoted. The Malaysian society is composed of Malay, Chinese, India and others. Islam is the religion of the land, followed by Christianity and other religions. 

My first trip to Malaysia was in February 2016. I was attended the "Spiritual Seeker's Retreat" conducted at the Angullia Beach Resort in Marang, Terengganu. A five hour land travel from the capital city. Students and professional from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Denmark and Belgium were among the participants in the retreat. Organized by an active Singaporean Islamic propagator, Sheikh Imran Angullia, Al-Hafiz. 

Terengganu is one of the beautiful cities in Malaysia. Kuala Terengganu is its capital, a place where you can lavishly eat "Lekor", a street food made of Tamban fish. I noticed there are two places in Terengganu that perhaps have connection with the people of the Sulu Archipelago - Marang and Dungun. 

My short stay in Marang Terengganu was honestly full of spiritual experience. Thanks to the organizer of the retreat for the invitation.

University Technology MARA


Innovate me, please, if you can
The voice from the bosom says

The ultra-religious of Najd's discipline use to spread
Innovators' place will be in hell-fire

They don't see the wisdom of the prophetic words
Life is indeed cannot be changed what more to innovate

What is religion without life?
Thus, what is life without religion?

Haven't we notice, Allah says:
The religion before me is Islam

Those who cannot grasp the wisdom of religion
He cannot fathom the abyss of life

Religion and life cannot be innovated
Without the former the later cannot survive

Now you claimed to be a follower of light and way
Indeed you are but a blind man, fooled by the system

Utter the shahada and pause for a while
Reflect... trace where the voices come from

Was it you?

The month of July 2014 is colored with atrocities. The latest war in Gaza, the unremitting war in Syria, Iraq and Yemen not only added to the history of terror that already have in human annals.  It is as well the manifestation that we human are not yet free from the dictates of the Beelzebub.

Last July 13, 2014, a group of armed men forayed into the Mabul Island despite the presence of Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESSCOM) in the area. They killed a Malaysian Marine Police Corporal and abducted a private one. The Home Minister of Malaysia Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (Malaysia Chronicle) revealed that the incident was a revenge of the Sultanate Royal Forces who invaded Tanduo, Lahad Datu last year.

The online Netizen observed that the situation in Sulu-Sabah border is getting worst. As the Kidnapping for Ransom (KFR) gang seized Malaysian nationals recently in off coast Semporna, Sabah. The KFR gang has a wider network. Even the Tausug cannot understand why the group still free to kidnap anyone they like. According to the Reuter report, last May 30, 2014 in The Malaysian Insider online portal that "The release of the two kidnapped women was only achieved after the payment of “large ransom”. After the release another two Malaysians were seized. Many Tausug suspecting that there is something going on behind all the incidents.

The creation of Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESSCOM) is one of the vivid developments transpired in Sabah, after the stand-off in Tanduo. According to a Tausug thinker, Prof. Julkhan Kalim in a cam to cam interview, “Malaysia could not easily pour its military might and equipments to Sabah without any valid justification”. Sabah is a land not only claims by Kiram family as theirs, but the KDMR (Kadazan-Dusun-Murut-Rungus) also advocates separating it from the west Malaysia as an independent state.

The effect of many kidnapping incidents, supply of diesel and gasoline to Sulu archipelago was suddenly stopped. This made the price of oil increased to the peak. This is will add to the effect, if some commodities like rice, sugar, garlic and others will also be stopped. This is somehow affects the business people and the consumers in the archipelago. Before it becomes worst, the Philippine government should address this matter.
The month of Ramadhan is a holy month for Muslims, the 9th month in the Hijra Calendar, and the month of fasting, which the sole purpose is to purify the inner dirt from the dawn to dusk. This is to abstain from eating, smoking, and drinking, as well as sexual intercourse, useless talks, backbiting, and other activities that could void the fasting. In short, this is the month which Muslims surrender everything to Allah.

Killing is the most serious wrongdoing on the month of Ramadhan. The Ulama have made a consensus that “killing civilians, harming national interest, and violating the sanctity of human life is forbidden.” ( 

Abstaining from eating, drinking and other activities during Ramadhan is letting our self to be empty. The moment that we feel the emptiness, the big chance we could think a lot of wholesome deeds.
It is common in some Sufis, when someone’s self is empty, the divine attributes would takes place until one's soul achieve peace and harmony. It is with this reason why most of the Tausug Sufi masters discourage their murid (students) to create enmity to their fellows. They are taught to love. The love is their very common goal to achieve before spreading it on earth.

Fasting is the struggle against own self, which is a greater form of jihad. Allah says, in the the Holy Qur'an, “for Satan is to man an avowed enemy.” Al-Isra 17:53, Yusuf Ali (1938)

The innocent lives in the world today became fragile. Anytime the people would just die and break into pieces when the superpower countries decided to invade the land, the land of people they considered enemies. Thousands of people died. Children, pregnant women, old folks were killed in the latest Gaza airstrikes. And the Israelis refuse to recognize international pressure to stop them.

As a Muslim, the message of fasting is enough to tell that Islam is and will never encourage terrorism and kidnapping the fellow humankind. I still do believe that the humanity cries that “peace is all we wanted”, that will teach us respect the human lives, the God's masterpiece.

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Peace could be easily attained in Sulu and Mindanao if we truly want it. Why is there a person and group who doesn’t like peace? The complex yet indirect answers could possibly be found in the long winding peace negotiation. What would be the benefits of FAB to the people of Mindanao and Sulu? Will the MILF successfully convert into reality the agreement being signed? Could this agreement be fruitful when on the other side the biggest revolutionary group like MNLF, the BIFF and some Independence movement Sultanates are disagreeing? Do the MILF committees will convene with these groups when they start to draft the Bangsamoro Basic Law? Do the MILF committees and the GPH considered the other insurgent groups and independence movement as the remaining hardest task to settle? What are the important steps to be taken to satisfy the longing of these groups? Will the MILF and GPH succumb to their demands if in case they ask for something odd?

I am a man of peace, hopefully friends who are connected with MILF don’t get me wrong in asking some questions above. A peace agreement is not about who champion it, or who have attended the signing, but it's about the implementation. Though the FAB is still in the process I think it's good to have this quite late reaction, whether they read it or not. We have all the rights to comment because when peace disrupted everybody would share the same fate.

Yesterday at school,an idea surfaced based on the issue above: “if peace could not be attained even the MILF and GPH is in the process of signing the peace agreement, its good if the GPH would deal with the MILF and ask them to focus in Mindanao area and also renew the agreement with MNLF also ask them to focus in the Sulu area.” This may be unacceptable to those who live with Bangsamoro identity, however, we should start to face the reality that the people of Sulu and Mindanao are distinct and would not be fitted to put in a basket. Though these insurgents shared the same religion, in interests, history and customs they are different. 

Let's hope for the best. Anyway here is the link that gives us a thousand words related to this post.

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I am always consulting my natural guru every time there is confusion comes to my mind. Sometime I soliloquy to express to him some thought which is contradictory to the belief that I have.  In silent mode he answers all my questions. Sometimes he comes to me in a form of logical expression; there are times he speaks to me like  an instructor giving lecture to its students. Then I listen and follow his advice. Who is more precious beside him, when at the time of need he is always with me. Never say no to anything I do except bad. Who is he?

He is our natural religion. The religion embedded in the soul. It is the distinguishing feature of human which separate them from that of animals and other creations. He is connected to the divine chamber at the same time with us. Through him, that we as servants is unveiled.

With him we can see and witness that all lives are God masterpiece. There is none a single human or insect creeping on earth that have two different kinds of life. Most of the sages in the past and at present understand it, but it’s still difficult to point out if who is behind the curtain in the cinema of life. One factor that made it difficult is the faith we professed.  

God sent us then prophets and saints. Both have different missions, but serve to only one God. God will never send a prophet to guide humankind because it had been finalized by his beloved Muhammad Sallawlahu alayhi wasallam. Who is then to guide us in this modern and more complex world?

The easiest answer is that, we have the Qur’an. This divine book is a textbook of every human, regardless of their colors and belief. Though some regarded it as a masterpiece of Prophet Muhammad, inadequate facts failed to prove it. Until someone becomes aware of their existence and the uniqueness of God’s plan only then they would be able to realize the importance of the Qur’an as a living witness of God existence.

God, Allah, Yahweh, Father, are some of the names used by human to name the All-Living Master. However, it is incumbent upon us to study and research which of these terms closer to the reality of who we are and the God we always ask at time of needs.

May the spirit of 12 Rabiul Awal 1435 (The Birthday Prophet Muhammad) lights our way and cements our belief that There is no other God worthy of praise except Allah and Muhammad is his messenger and prophet.

If you wish to know your natural guru, seek it from the master who mastered the knowledge of Allah and has the access to the Divine Chamber. May Love and Peace reign in this world.