The “All Tausug” is about the Philosophy of the Tausug who loves their country and race. This starts when some Tausug historians at present define that all ethnics dwelling in the Sulu Archipelago are but a Tausug.

This blogsite aims to promote the Tausug culture, food, and their way of life in the past and at present. The purpose is to let the people of the world understand and become aware of the existence of this race.

I firmly believe there’s nothing to lose if we give information to the people, rather it would serve as our treasure once people benefited from it.

The contained of this blog is purely about the Tausug/Sulug/Suluk/Sulus. The language use by the author on this blog are the Tausug language (Bahasa Sug) and English. Feel free to search and download some relevant reading materials which I believe all of them would become a tool for other people to easily understand our race.

Thank you for visiting. Enjoy!