Dear President Duterte and People of the World:

In behalf of the Tausug and other tribes who fled to Sabah Malaysia from Southern Philippines in the 70's and early 80's I would like to bring this issue to your attention as our President and as our fellow Mindanaoans. We still believe someday there shall be a leader of our country who can save the pilght of the Muslim refugees from the situation they are currently facing in Sabah. In addition, we are hopeful that the said leader is you.

The Muslim refugees from Sulu in Mindanao have been living for decades in Sabah. There are many Presidents come and go in our country, unfortunately no body taking care of their plight. No effective solutions yet been undertaken by the Philippine government for this refugees. In fact, most of them are victims of Martial Law and corruption. 

The Muslim refugees are still hoping that there shall be a leader or group of people with full of courage and sympathy to bring us back them to their homeland in Sulu and Mindanao. If there are none willing to do so, please just save their children from illiteracy. Let them feel that they have a country and leader that would really take care of their plight. Let them experience how it feels to be at school. 

May the Almighty give more power to those who have been endowed with caring heart to save the Children from illiteracy.

- Children of the Filipino Refugees in Sabah -