Let’s eat Gamay (Variety of Edible Seaweeds)

If you haven’t been heard of the term “Gamay” this is the time you make aware of it. Gamay is a Tausug language for edible seaweeds. It is popular among the people of Sulu. Gamay is consume almost everyday by the Tausug most likely during picnic or any other food gimmick.

Of all the months it is during Ramadan where plenty of gamay can be found almost in many markets starts from Sulu Archipelago up to Sabah. This is because the Tausug do loved to consume this raw food to gain more energy after fasting for 12 hours and more. This sea vegetable is nice to match with grilled fish with hot sauce and boiled cassava (Iyaman panggi’).

Aside from the Tausug, gamay is also known in other cultures in Asia. As have been mentioned in the http://hubpages.com/hub/Edible-Seaweed is that thereare several cultures, such as the Japanese, that consume seaweed as a part of their daily diet. It is because the gamay is contained more minerals, vitamins and proteins. 
Another research which unveiled the secret of this raw food is also found on the same site which sounds, “If you are looking to just improve your health or a bit of any energy boost, you should seriously consider adding edible seaweed to your diet, either in raw form or as seaweed health supplements”.

Thus to eat gamay is not only giving us satisfaction but it has a quality which contained various significance to our health and skin. In Japan, gamay is called as Wakame seaweed. According to http://hubpages.com/hub/Edible-Seaweed “Researchers have found that the Wakame seaweed is one of the primary reasons Japanese live so long and retail youthful looking skin.” 

In this world full of inorganic food why not to add this sort of food to our daily diet? For the Tausug whether they are aware or not the fact about gamay that’s doesn’t matter, because to eat this type of raw food has been part of their culture since time immemorial. 

If you’d like to eat the gamay just go the market place if you are living within the vicinity of Sulu archipelago and Sabah. If not try to find in your shore, dive and search for it. 

There is no recipe for gamay as far as the Tausug way of eating is concern. To prepare, clean first the gamay with water (not warm) at least 30 seconds to a minute before eating. This is to ensure the gamay will not wilt because it is delicious to eat if it’s crunchy. Try it at home!