Tausug Food: A Sharing

Before I married to a Tausug I really don’t have any ideas about their food. How it taste, looks like and to cook it. However as I entered through their culture, by means of marriage, I began to discover a lot particularly about the food which sustaining them. Before, I don’t like to eat their food in a sense that it can’t stimulate my appetite. Perhaps I’m not use of eating them and not part of a culture where I grew up. Along the way, my curiosity brought me to taste the Tausug food. At last, I had entered to the culture apart from mine.

One of my favorite is the Kinilaw, it’s really appetizing. The mixture of unripe mango, vinegar and other ingredients really give a great taste to this appetizer. I also like the Tiyula Itum (black soup). This Tausug traditional cuisine is really delicious. I frequently eat this black soup during the wedding and other occasions we’ve attended. As I’ve noticed this cookery is the symbol of Tausug identity. Although the tiyula itum is spicy but I can assure that it’ll fit your taste.

The Tausug bangbang are also unique in their respective way. Like the wadjit, though it’s just made from combination of few recipes, the taste is very delicious. For me it’s perfect with any soft drinks or hot coffee and tea. Also with the Panganan and Panyam, so far after 4 years immersing with Tausug only these confectioneries I love to eat most. I am glad to the Almighty Allah for choosing me to become a part of the Tausug and being able to taste the secret taste of their food. I know no matter what type of food it is the most important it is good and lawful.

Jameelah Abdurajim