The Word "Allah" is only for Muslim

The author is quite disturbed by the positive support of some Muslim politician in peninsular Malaysia to the longing of the Christians to use word "Allah" on their religious rites. Being a Muslim I strongly disagree if  the Christians will be allowed to use the word Allah on any rites whatsoever. Firstly, why only now the Christians decided to accept this term? Is it because that Elohim and Allah have the same meaning? or the Christians just wanted to mislead other people most especially the Muslims. There's something in the meaning of Allah which the Christians do not understand. If the Christians want to use Allah, just simple, embrace Islam, so that you can search deeply its meaning.  Do not mimic the thing which you don't understand. The Muslim do know that there's something behind this motive.

For whatever reason, the Christians should not be permitted by Malaysia Shari'ah Law and the Muslim scholars to use the word Allah. Don't ever think if the Christian use the word Allah do means they are already recognizing and believe the "Allah" like the way a pious Muslim does. The Christian regarded Allah as Jesus there is nothing more.

We just wanted to express our views that we don't want our religious rights to be corrupted by our fellow humanity. The Word Allah is only for Muslim, because it's only the Muslim who truly believe and understand its meaning.


  1. Correct indeed kah. Dapat lang tlga. They have other perception about God the way that we have. Kaya, it's not for the betterment of Islam na i-allow sila to use the word. What if they will use it for the purpose of Kufr only? haaaai nko!

  2. how bout jewish in yemen, syria? same goes with christian there? also the Jahiliah before Muhamad? They even say Allah? tell them not to use that.. and at the same time, ask the stupid moronic protesters shutdown all nite club in Malaysia... if they not, it sames like they shout "Allah only for Islam" but in the same time their left hand holding a beer. Think again.

  3. Our Stand is clear. tell them to visit this blog so that they will know that they must not use Allah to call their gods..Allah is only for Muslim..not for anyone..just let them embrace Islam if they want to know deeper what is Allah!..hahahahaha night club in Malaysia is not our concern..just complain directly to the Prime Minister of Malaysia, we have no rights to complain against it. Don't make another reason..Allah is only for Muslim not for any one who don't believe in Islamic monotheism.