Recite Durood anytime!

O Sustainer, shower salaat and salaam forever and ever upon Your beloved, who is the best of all creation.

The best among creations is Prophet Muhammad [saw]. He is our light, our intercessor, our guide, our inspiration, our master, our beloved, our forefather, our saviour, and everything which is good and noble!

All praise is to Allah and to his beloved Prophet [saw] and to his Ahlul Bayt.
Today, many Muslims starting to discourage their fellow Muslim to value this noble Prophet, to remember this messenger of Allah, and to celebrate his Birthday [Maulid]. This Muslim will call you innovator once you do it!

What a mess? Is this sort of Muslim representing the entire Muslim Ummah? No. They are just but a speck of dust who tries to gain popularity in the world by means of their political power, and richness. They are everywhere now, condemning every deed of traditional Muslim as not genuine and swerving away from the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad.

The Ahlul Bayt of Rasulullah

How come my dear, the Ahlul Bayt of Rasulullah swerving away from the Prophet Sunnah? Aren’t you out of your mind? What about this hadith, do you have something to say?

Zaid bin Arqam narrated that Muhammed said: "Indeed, I am leaving among you, that which if you hold fast to them, you shall not be misguided after me. One of them is greater than the other: (First is) The book of Allah is a rope extended from the sky to the earth, and (the second is) my family, the people of my house (ahlul bait), and they shall not split until they meet me at the hawd, so look at how you deal with them after me." (Sahih). Sunan Thirmidi, Volume 6, Chapter 31, Hadith No. 3788:

Now you are about to say, you’re a Shi’ite! Why do you hate us once we mention the Ahlul Bayt? Aren’t you enemy’s of the Ahlul Bayt? Check your heart; go to Spiritual Masters to teach you how to clean it!
My dear Muslim brothers! This generation is indeed full of trials and fitna.
In Jolo, there was an incident where the Hanabilas and the Philippines Marines unconsciously doing the same to stop the practice of the traditional Muslim Tausug. According to the source, every Friday the Hanabilas guru used to condemn at the pulpit the Tausug who visits the Tampat [tomb of the Sharif] to do Istigatha located at the Bud Tumantangis [Hill of Tumantangis]. Unfortunately, at the peak of that hill there also located the base of the Philippine Marines [Perhaps Uncle Sam base], once there were grave visitors to visit the Tampat the Philippine Marines would shot them, with the reason the one who visits the tampat were Abu Sayyaf. The result, many Tausug are now afraid to visit the Tampat in Bud Tumantangis. The Hanabilas guru and Philippine Marines are happy for this. What a perfect coincidence.
At the Slope of Mt. Tumantangis the Tampat of Sultan Shariful Hashim Sayyed Abubakar is located
Before, there are many Tausug supporting Abu Sayyaf theory [Anti-goverment], most of them adhered to the Hanabilas ideology. Once the Abu Sayyaf almost lost from popularity, you can now find these sympathizers working with the government of the Philippines. Start to search in Basilan, Jolo and Tawi-Tawi, most of them were in the government offices.
Do you know what my impression about it? They are just being practical but the true Tausug hearts is not already with them. Do you know what is in the true Tausug’s heart? Love what is good, and hate evil deeds. The true Tausug heart would follow you even to the pit of grave yard once they pay allegiance to you. To surrender to the enemy is considered as form of hypocrisy! That’s why the Abu Sayyaf sympathizers turned Philippine government employees don’t have the true Tausug heart.  
At this point in time we must always recite Durood Shareef or Salawat to the Master of the Prophet! This time is a time of fitna. We ask Allah to protect us from the fitna of hanabila Mujassima.
May the virtue of Durood Shareef protect our hearts from the whisper of satan! May our hearts always be filled with  courageousness of the Tausug freedom fighters and Wali Allah such as the Makhdumin, Balpaki, Alawi, Tuan Haman, Tuan Awliya Musa, and other wali Allah who had forgotten by today’s generation.

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