The Sultanate of Sulu Darul Islam is famous to the world as a land of mystic. This is perhaps of the continuous flow of the wave of Muslim saints arriving to Sulu shore in different ways since pre 1380 [the arrival of Sheikh Makhdum] up to the present time.  The knowledge of the Sufi masters sowed in this island country has bear fruits and being practiced by the Tausug in their daily lives.

“Islam will never lose in Sulu even without propagators to preach in this country” according to Professor Benhar Tahil. Allah SWT who is the source of all knowledge would choose from among His servant Tausug if who from among them have clean heart able to shoulder the responsibility of being a vicegerent.  

Almarhum Tuan Hadji Gulam Hassan Albikangi once said, “A month of seclusion in Mt. Kinabalu can be attained 10 days in Mt. Tumantangis in Sulu.” This saying is clearly telling us that Sulu is indeed a womb to hidden knowledge, hidden treasure and hidden government. Who expect Queen Sheba’s Kingdom is located somewhere in Sulu? It is popular in some secret’s tongue that Prophet Sulayman and Queen Sheba used to visit Sulu during their lifetime. But this information is quiet wispy to us to recall what had been done by our ancestors or perhaps the accurate answer is that because of our limited knowledge to uncover all mysteries in our surrounding.

Anyway, the Sultanate of Sulu has a lot of things awaits explorers both tangible and intangible things. We’ll just wait for its fate to rejuvenate, insya’Allah.

The video above is one of the latest occurrences in the Sultanate of Sulu Darul Islam. The Imam on this video is just an ordinary Tausug who once worked with Philippine government as a Teacher, office worker who graduated at the Western Mindanao State University with the degree of BS Electrical engineering.  Who had expected him to become like this? Not even himself and his friend.

Sometimes in 2010 the author met the Imam on the video in Jolo. Back then he preached and cured mystical illness somewhere in Indanan, Sulu. I was really impressed the power of Allah to mould his servant according to His will. Every Tuesday and Thursday he secluded while on the other days he entertained visitors who asked him for help.

The Imam on the video is a direct descendant of Sultan Shariful Hashim. Allah SWT endowed him with many gifts such as to cure the patient, to intercede disputes; to do intercession in someone’s grave, and many other things usually do by the secrets of Allah.

The Imam reminded his followers and families “To do what has been commanded by Allah SWT and to stay away from what has been forbidden because the end of the world is fast approaching”, according to Fatmarwa [An Imam sister] in our FB chat.

On this video his sermon were focusing on doing good deeds and forbidding evil and make the Qur’an as guide in people’s live. This is style of preaching reminds me of what had been exerted by Sultan Shariful Hashim with the Buranun.

The Imam on this video possessed a noble character before he became like this. He is the man you can trust, helpful, caring, loving and beside all have a deep concern over the plight of its people and country the Sultanate of Sulu Darul Islam.

By now most of his followers were Imam in different localities in Sulu, professionals, laymen and other walk of life.

May Allah sanctify the secret of the Imam and his followers.