Visit for a Kaja

Last two days I had visitors from Kuala Lumpur went to my house to look for additional information about Duwaa Kaja. I contacted these persons few months ago and as an impression I really salute this group for having the guts to feature this antiquated practice of the Buranun-Sharif of Sulu Darul Islam.

In the first place, once we talk about this culture many would come to think that it is a practice of the tribe “Tausug”. But that reflex idea stands unaccepted once we begin to throw a question. If the Tausug is really a tribe of Sulu [Jolo] what is the meaning of ethnic Buranun then? In fact, Buranun and Sharif are the ethnics in Sulu who do the pagduwaa Kaja.  Hence, enable to clear some confusion Buranun and Sharif [Arab] ethnics have to be highlighted as the withstanders and doers of this adat. It is misunderstood by some that it is the Tausug tribe who practice the Kaja because the people of Sulu used to call themselves as Tausug when asked about their identity. But the reality if someone says ‘I’m a Tausug, it means he is referring to his Identity as people living in Sulu not as his tribe.  It is just the same if you are from Malaysia the Tausug will call you “Tau Malaysia".  But Malaysia doesn’t represent your ethnic affiliation only a place where you belong.

The visitors came to my house were composed of Buranun-Sharif from Tapul, Siasi, Parang of Sulu Darul Islam and Kedah of Malaysia. The Malay brother is also an Ahlul Bayt belongs to Wan from Kedah. He said, their family is a descendant of Daeng who arrived to Kedah from Indonesia in the past.

Brother Wan Mukhriz is a professional cameraman who works with National TV of Malaysia. Currently, he is finishing their short movie entitled “ISM”.

He attracted with project duwaa Kaja through the inspiration of his partner Julia, a Buranun-Sharif, who are still studying in ASWARA Kuala Lumpur. This cultured young woman did finish her thesis on Kaja few years back and now she is collaborating with the cameraman to realize this project.

A place where to do Duwaa Kaja

Why do most Tausug do not anymore practicing duwaa Kaja, asked Wan Mukhriz? Is it because they have no adequate knowledge about it or what?

Some modern Buranun and Sharif today were not anymore practicing this adat for some reasons: firstly, they were being lured to puritanical thought through the sermons of Najdis propagators that to practice this adat would be committing a biggest sin “Polytheism”. According to them to beseech other than Allah would be creating partner to Him.  Secondly, based from the first reason there are only few from the withstanders of Duwaa Kaja to defend it academically based from the consensus of the Ahlu Sunna scholars which emanated from the parameters of Islam – Qur’an and Hadith.  Hence, adequate information about Kaja is lacking.  

Before I came here, said Wan Mukhriz, I had consulted IKIM [Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia] for the status of the duwaa Kaja in Islam.  They answered me to go on, he added.

Pagduwaa Kaja categorically fall on the concept of Tawassul and Istigatha. These practices had been unanimously agreed by most Sunni scholars in the past and at present. But today, even the practice had been approved by majority of the scholars to some it is not. Rather, most of the time even the scholars who visited the graves would be labelled grave worshippers by some narrowed individuals.

If Allah permits the Pagduwaa Kaja will be broadcasted internationally, through the guidance of FINAS Malaysia.