Aliazer Abdurajim

Kinilaw means a viand made of fish, prawns and seafood cook by Vinegar and lemon. The fish best for Kinilaw is Tuna, Tanguige’ and anchovy. Prawn and other type of fish are also good to make as kinilaw.Kinilaw is best for appetizer.


1 kilo Tuna or any fish
Calamansi lemon juice 4 pcs
lemon 2 pcs
Unripe mangos 3 pcs
Salt (1 Tablespoon)
Chili pepper (Optional)
Tomato (Optional


- Slice the tuna into pieces and then clean it with water.
- Peel the ginger and unripe mango, slice it into small cubes.
- Slice the onion and tomato, cut each lemon into two.
- After preparing the spices, place the sliced tuna in a bowl then pour the vinegar into it. Make sure the vinegar is enough to cook the fish.
- Put the 1 tablespoon of salt to a bowl of fish and then mix it until the salt permeates the fish meats.
- Soak the fish meats in vinegar with salt for 15 to 20 minutes. If the fish meats turned to white, take out the vinegar from the bowl.
- Remove the strong smell of vinegar from fish meats with water.
- After washing, squeeze the lemon and calamansi juice to fish meats. Then add the sliced ginger to the fish meats.
- Add the remaining spices. The last spice to be added is the chili pepper.

Try this at home!