Maligay (Decorated Food)

Every culture has its own style of serving food especially if there is a special occasion. Pictures posted here are the samples of Tausug delicacies served during special occasions like on Wedding, Thanksgiving or Pagduwaa salamat, Maulidur Rasul or Prophet Muhammad's birthday, and any other parties. This sort of decoration is limited to one or two trays only. Some Tausug don't use tray for decorating they rather make a house-shape pattern, we called it “Maligay” and then all the food will be put on its top while the others hang on its side until all spaces occupied. Maligay can’t be separated from the Tausug and of course it tells a lot of things.

On wedding and pagtammat (celebration after completely studying the Qur’an) Maligay is filled with food and money. If it is for wedding the money will be served as a portion of dowry given to the bride. While on pagtammat the money on the maligay will be given to the one who taught the Qur’an.