JUST AN IDEA: A World without War

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In this part of the world there is an abode couldn’t be disturbed by war. It is a space where peace and harmony truly dwelt. There lies the beginning of goodness as well as the end of all crookedness. It’s an abstract domain; vivid through action with its appointed time. From there emanates all handsome attitudes and the nobility of men.  Its populace is not composed of one color and a face but encompasses all human crawling on the earth surface.

A world without war of words but dominated by love and peaceful words. It is shrouded with mystery but surrounded with Shangri-la’s sound every day. It’s a blessed world for a blessed people. Only few distinguish it all. All prophets, messengers, and saints were sent to sow in every hearts of the people.

In the past it can’t be entered easily, at present many have claimed it’s easy. The key is everywhere but only few can actually see the beauty of the peaceful world. Only the chosen authorized to view.

Believe in the Kalimatut Tawhid and the Shahada. Should you want to find the abode of peace? Connect these two words and make action, Insya’Allah you’ll find what you looking for.

Seek not with doubts. Erase them until it completely vanished. Sits with gnostic not with pretender to guide you on your way. There’s no way, there’s no world to seek, except what you have now. Contemplate in the saying “BE YOURSELF”.

The world without war is where all words end.

 *A personal reflection out of this chaotic world.

Sh. Aliazer Sh. Abdurajim