Morning in Zamboanga City

The sun in the Wednesday morning shone in every corner of Zamboanga City but not with these Tausug children. For the sake of survival these homeless fellows learned how to adapt to a life in urban area. Sleep anywhere they like, similar to wild animals, settle whenever there is a space for them to rest. 

Zamboanga City is a home to a Tausug and one of the covered territories of the Sultanate of Sulu Darul Islam. The native of Zamboanga City are the Tausug-Sama Bangingi’, Yakan and the Subanen. This city is called as Sambuwangan by the Tausug Tongue which means "a large mooring stake".  But according to some other thought before the term Sambuwangan emerged Jambangan was the name of Zamboanga which means a “flower”.  Though the term Jambangan is encompassed all kind of flowers it is also use by the Tausug to describe the aesthetic beauty of a something most especially to the attributes of the “Garden of Eden”. 

Today Zamboanga City dubbed by the Zamboanguenos as a “Latin City of Asia”. Perhaps the term was derived because the Christians in Zamboanga and Latin America were adopting the same way of life and adhering to the same Christian faith.

So much for that, all of the Zamboanga’s residents, Tausug-Buranun, and the Tausug-sama are the people that must look back to the past. Zamboanga City is also theirs, thus they must prove that they are also like other people of Zamboanga such as the Zamboanguenos and the others, able to compete for the goodness and wellbeing of the Bangsa, Hula’ and Agama (Race, Country and Religion).