The True Believer

Habib Ali Al-Jufri is among the defenders of Love for the Prophet Muhammad SAW. The message he delivered on this video would really touch the heart of every devotee of the Glorious man - Prophet Muhammad SAW. How wonderful our world would be should the attitude of beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW is with the Muslim Leaders of today. I was touched,  a camel bow his head to the prophet, just because of what the prophet did to the camel. 

Look how the World leaders are now doing to their fellow human regardless of race, color, and belief. There's a countless of hatred happening every day in our lives. The powerful countries invading the weaker states. The oppressed people tremendously persecuted. In the name of document their fellow would be put in jail. What has in paper compare to what has in human? Paper is just made of wood, but Human soul is from ALLAH. 

Beware leaders, who adhering blindly, to the dictates of your enemy. One day when the luxuries extracted from you by Allah and give it to the oppressed people you did persecute, back then you would realize how foolish you were. 

May Allah guide the Tausug leaders to follow the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad SAW in treating other fellows and other creations. All players in the theater of life will be accounted in consonant with their deeds. 

Let's promote love not hatred. The Tausug are very much exhausted with the treatment of their fellows against them. Afraid not! Tausug is constant in the principle, "They are also Human like us". 

Ya Allah, guide the people who love to oppress the Tausug, Ya Allah show to them the victory of the Tausug, Ya Allah you are the only Helper that can help the struggle of the Tausug in the Sultanate of Sulu. 

Ya Allah afflict us not with bad omens in this world and in the hereafter. Give us courage to build Your government [Darul Islam]. Give us love to treat our fellow human at the time we are at the peak of success. 

Ya Allah may your guidance be always with the 34th Sultan of Sulu, PBMM Sultan Bantilan Muizzuddin II and his Ministers and Raayat of the SSDI. Ameen. 

Allahumma Salli Wasallim Wabarik Ala Sayyidina Muhammad.