Tausug Trait


The Sultanate of Sulu Darul Islam is a gem to Ahlus Suluk [Divine Seeker]. Aside from its beautiful landscape and hilly surrounding, this island country is one of the Muslim states in Likusantara rich in divine knowledge [Ilmu’ Kamaasan]. The Ilmu’ kamaasan which also called as Ilmu’ Mukali is still extant up to this day among the Tausug. Many from among the Tausug especially the Buranun/Sharif possessed this type of hidden knowledge. To some, the Buranun who didn’t possess this knowledge cannot be regarded as Tausug pure [Tausug Purul].  

In my early years, I was foxed with some teachings propagated by some ustadz in Madrasah. It was really difficult for me to decide which practices I must follow and observe. All I thought then the knowledge [Ilmu’ Mukali’] of the Tausug in Sulu particularly the Buranun is alien to Islam. To the fact that I was raised in a family observed these two disciplines – the ustadz and the ilmu’mukali’. However, being a devotee to Islam I accept both and discovered there’s no conflict between the two – except the knowledge introduce by the Hanabilah Mujassima, which want to eradicate all practices which didn’t observe by some Arab who do not agree with the religious practices of the Ahlul Bayt of Rasulullah saw] – the Sayyid and the Sharif.
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The beauty of Islam taught in Sulu by earlier Muslim scholars and saints was relayed through gentleness and love. The effectual of their approach until now still being felt and believed by the Tausug. As some of them say, “Bang in kaul-piil larak, in sambahayang larak da” which literally means “The Prayer would become invalid if the attitudes of its doer is unsound”. They further say, “misan pa in tudlu’ hikapanulat, bang in pangaddatan larak wayruun da pus niya”, which means, “Even the finger can be used to write, if the attitude is unfit that would be of no use.
The Tausug is keen in observing the “Sound Morality” of a learned person. The more you get close with them the more they would like you once from the beginning you’re pass in attitude test. Remember it’s the attitude which consider most by almost all Tausug even you are entitled as shaykh or guru.     

The Tausug purul are the one who have this trait. Seldom among the Tausug didn’t possess it. If you are good enough, they can be your good friend until the day hereafter, if you’re bad they are worst than you are. Hence, Tausug is good to be friend but worst to become an enemy.
The Suluk Man
One of the grandeurs of the Sultanate of Sulu lies in the grace of its people – as the Ahlus Suluk. As most of them before becoming very best in life do love to seek of their identity as Allah’s servant; it’s there where they start until they become a truly Tausug [Excel in knowledge and in attitude] or Suluk