Tausug 101: Basic Tausug Conversation


Honestly, the idea about this simple Tausug conversation loom when an FB friend, Dr. Meinrado Martines, wanted to learn this language. Hopefully, he and the visitors of this blog could learn Tausug language from this initiative. 

If Allah permits, we would be posting more of daily conversation that could be used by a non-Tausug to understand the Tausug language [Bahasa sug] in a simple and basic manner.

The author, confessedly, not expert on these languages [English and Bahasa Sug] but for the sake of sharing, I think this basic knowledge that he has could be of use.

Conversation - 1: Personal Questions [Manga Pangasubu ha baran]

What is your name?
Unu in Ngan mu?

My name is Ahmad.
In ngan ku hi Ahmad.

Where do you live?
Hawnu kaw nakabutang?

I live in Maimbung
Nakabutang aku ha Maimbung

How old are you?
Pila na in ummul mu?

I am eighteen years old.
In ummul ku hangpu’ tagwalu tahun.

What is your father’s name?
Unu in ngan hi ama’ mu?

My Father’s name is Abdullah
In ngan sin ama’ ku hi Abdullah

What is your mother’s name?
Unu in ngan hi ina’ mu?

My Mother’s name is Amina
In ngan hi ina’ ku hi Amina

How many siblings are you in the family?
Pila kamu magtaymanghud?


How many male and female?
Pila in taud sin usug iban babai?

There are three males and two females.
Tu usug iban duwa babai

What is your religion?
Unu in agama mu?

My religion is Islam.
In agama ku Islam

What is your degree?
Unu in natalus mu pangadji’?

I finished Bachelor of Education.
In natalus ku Pangadji’ Pagmastal.

What is your favourite food?
Unu in kasuban mu kakaun?

My favourite food is Fried Chicken
In kasuban ku kakaun Ligang Manuk

What is your favourite beverage?
Unu in kasuban mu paginum?

My favourite beverage is buko juice
In kasuban ku paginum sabaw butung

What is your favourite colour?
Unu in kasuban mu walna’?

My favourite colour is red.
In kasuban ku walna’ pula.

What is your favourite viand?
Unu in kasuban mu Lamay.

My favourite viand is grilled fish.
In kasuban ku lamay tiyapa ista’.

Do you have a wife?
Awn na asawa mu?

Yes I have.
Huun awn na.

What is your work?
Unu in hinang mu?

To be continued..[sugpatan da]