Tausug Artists in Malaysia

Despite of some Sabahan demock towards Suluk or Tausug as PTI [Pendatang Tanpa Ijin or Illegal Immigrant] many from among them have excelled in Music industry in Malaysia, not to mention those politicians and successful businessmen.

Among them are Julfekar Ahmad, AsreeSulu, Troy, Khamis, and many others.

In Kuala Lumpur, the famous Tausug artist who able to turned his talent into a big business is Julfekar Ahmad. This man has produced and writes many songs not only popular in Malaysia including in international market. His song entitled “Melakar Rindu” became a soundtrack of a local TV series which air through TV3 channel in Malaysia.  Honestly, I was inspired to write this article because of his latest Tausug song “Ampuna Na”. 

Another Tausug caricaturist, book author and a singer who successfully reached his dream is AsreeSulu or better known then as Asreemoro. The masterpieces of this humble man though not popular as Julfekar Ahmad, have already penetrated international listeners and readers. His song “Indah” which according to him just an ordinary project, had touched most homes of the Tausug be it in Malaysia, Sultanate of Sulu, Philippines, Middle east and even in America.


His book entitled Tausug dan Kesultanan Sulu or Tausug and The Sulu Sultanate which served as a passage to route for a new future for the Tausug and its government is also attracting more readers. Despite of the complexities of the issue he suggested in this book which I summed up “History is the parameter to resolve the elusive conflict and tyranny in Sulu”. On free time he spent his skill in caricature in some renowned hotel in KL. His blog can be opened through this link http://tausug-global.blogspot.com.

Troy is also a Tausug singer in Malaysia based in Semporna Sabah. The popular album of this “white hair singer” is entitled Patay Lidjiki’ which means “Dead Fortune”. His songs were also famous to the Tausug worldwide.

The last man who has a “Steelheart-like voice famous in Malaysia is Kamis. His Lolay Liyangkit song is played not only in Tausug homes but as well as the Non-Tausug. This man is from Tawau, Sabah. His far-famed experience is in cultural presentation in Malaysia.