1.      Every year we celebrate the advent of a new year and ask for forgiveness for the past years we lived.

2.      Today, I went to the masjid to join the congregation prayer. After maghrib prayer, I sat on the nook of a masjid and ask Allah for forgiveness for the past sins and good deeds. For He is the Only Creator who is All Merciful and Compassionate. He is Allah to whom I submit my life, trust, and my salvation in this world and in the hereafter.

3.      There are many reasons why our ancestors celebrated this event. Firstly, it is a symbol of continues reliance of Muslims to the one and only Creator. No matter what type of colour, tradition, and philosophy in life during this event we should contemplate, asks forgiveness and request for the future luck and salvation from any type of bad omens. Secondly, gathering such as this would strengthen social cohesion in the community.

4.      After the prayer exclusively for Tahun Ba’gu been done, there were trays full of food readied outside. The congregation went to eat the Jajamuhan [charity through food].

5.      May Allah save me and my family in this world and in the next life. 

6.      May Allah extend His blessing and forgiveness to the Sultan of SSDI, PBMM Al-Sultan Bantilan Muhammad Muizzuddin II.

7.      May Allah pour His support to the government of SSDI and the Tausug Citizens.

8.      May Allah unify the hearts of all Tausug and they work collectively for the betterment of SSDI.

9.      May Allah increase the strength of SSDI supporters and weaken the power of all oppositions.

Ameen ya Rabbal Alameen.