Life is Always Wonderful

The Month of Muharram plays a significant role in Muslim history as well as to every Muslim who would reflect to its wisdom. No matter what kind of situation we are in on this temporal world, we should always say “Life is always wonderful anytime, any places and any situations. Life cannot be bought with money, fame, position and social status. It cannot also be downed with dysphoric feeling, poverty, and failure. That is why life is always wonderful for it birthed from the most wonderful creator.

From 2nd December 2010 life within me didn’t change even I had visited the Sultanate of Sulu and some part of Mindanao many times. The beautiful and ugly things occurred before my eyes had just added to the innumerable memories of life. I’m only but a powerless pawn created just to appreciate the beaut of a Master’s creations.

This is what I treasured in the beauteous island of Bongao. It is there where I met the true love to which all turban wearers up to. This un-withered love taught me to appreciate Ibn Al-Arabi treatise and the work of previous saints which emanated from Allah’s beloved servant Sayyidina Muhammad [May Allah always raise his rank].  

I became so reactive if any human disrespecting the discoveries of Allah’s friends. I found garbled to a man who claimed to be experts in Islam on the other hand devaluing the teachings of the earlier scholars and friends of Allah. To me a human who loved to mock the men of love are devoid of true love.

Love is a broad thing. The one who understand its meaning is a person who truly experienced it. Love is just like a seed will not be grown in just a day. It needs more time and sacrifices before we can reap its fruits.

We are all under the shadow of a Great love. He had given us the way enable to find the way back to Him. This way had been built within us. The secret of this path cannot be easily found if negligence to the 5 keys given to Sayyidina Muhammad [May Allah always raise his rank]. In every key the true love will be revealed by itself. All human and Jinn cannot dictate this love to appear because it is beyond their understanding. Only them who had entered the house of love who can truly guide men to its door. For in every way there’s always a house at the end of it.  

Out of this love the Salsabilah fountain which used by Prophet Muhammad for ablution before he rose to heaven on Isra’ wal Mi’raj transformed into a great gift of our lives with my soul partner – Nurjameelah. A signal from above vibrating into my heart to answer my plea at the time I need a name for my baby who was still wrapped with eternal bliss inside the womb. That name I found in Surah Al-Insan of the Glorious Qur’an.

On this 2nd day of December 2011, I thanked Allah for giving me these two beautiful kids – Sharif Aljanjawi and Sharifa Salsabilah. They are both wonderful to me. May Allah increase the love in their hearts – the love for their Country [Sultanate of Sulu], to their Bangsa [Tausug] and to their beloved Religion [Islam].

Thanks for everything Ya Allah especially for giving me a partner who understand me to the fullest. Save us from the wrath of this world and hereafter.

With the blessing of Muharram – Ya Allah - guide all the Tausug to experience your Love enable that we can truly attain the real meaning of freedom in ourselves and country.