The World in the 21st Century

Every day we read, hear and witness the unremitting problems of earth citizens appeared in multimedia.  A person who easily gives up witnessing any form of atrocities would free themselves by doing any act which can make them forget what was happening in their surroundings. Some of them might come to think that the malady is a mere nature of human.

The known cause to the problem can be summed up as originated from greed, selfish, and ego. These low qualities are part of being a human.  Even those pious persons are not free from having these traits prior they become Allah’s-conscious individuals.

The history of humankind throughout history was marked with the war of positive and negative traits of men. The first scenario happened on earth was during the time of Prophet Adam when Cain and Abel had quarrelled for their twin sisters. It was there the history of conflicts emanated.

Most of the time people argufy because of worldly things. We are even witnessing the shedding of blood anywhere and sacrificing the lives of innocence civilians enable just to defend the ego and interest of a group and a country.

The superpower nation is oppressing the weaker one by any means. Every country particularly those have linked to the superpower nation coined their religious ideology and labelling other countries that don’t adhere to them as heretics thus have no place in the belief they are embracing. They dare to destroy shrines of the pious and called the people visiting the grave as “grave worshippers” even  the one who paid visits are pious  and scholars.  They masked themselves with faith but their attitudes are of the devil.

This is how the people of the 21st century behaving. If yesterday, the ancestors of every defender in their land fought with interloper right at the shore and wharf of their country, today not anymore. Defenders are everywhere searching for survival while their enemies were in their countries to do what is beneficial to them. For in their country only poverty, corruption and injustices were left.

Yesteryears the ancestors of every freedom defender were free to move in their land, today not anymore, because the system invented by the superpower country were installed anywhere to easily control and identify the wave of people come and go out of the immigration desk. If you are entering a country without legal document you will be imprisoned or simply calling you “Illegal Immigrants” and you will receive at the end not paper diploma but marked of the hit of rattan on the buttock prior to be sent home.

If you tell them of your right, they won’t listen to you. If you fight for your right they will label you as terrorist. Because once they entertain you, their interest will be stopped.

This is indeed the era of mercilessness. Only few people in today’s world giving charity secretly. Most of the leaders today are giving charity not as to do their duty but to gain popularity out of it. In some countries for example if the government giving garbage truck for public use all of the leaders’ names will be printed on that truck, so that these leaders will be re-elected next election.

One day the world and all humankind will be perished. We can be witnessing in the hereafter how the cruel men be punished for their actions towards their fellow.  Don't worry "The Oppressed".

Suppose the leaders of today’s world are not like this so that everyone can enjoy the freedom which Allah had given to them!

May Allah save us from the cruelty of this world and punishment in the hereafter.