Last year I had a conversation with Brother Julfekar Ahmad to take all the pictures of the Tausug Food. We had planned to take it all during the plan showcase of all Tausug delicacies unfortunately that wasn't materialized for certain reason.  I’m sure the reason behind is that Allah had a planned for me to shoot all foods here in Zamboanga City, Sulu Darul Islam.

I thank Allah for sending me here. Honestly, I felt the difference between here and in Malaysia particularly on this project. I have discovered at least two new Tausug confectioneries here; the names will be putted down in our recipe book, TRADITIONAL TAUSUG FOOD THAT JULFEKAR LOVE TO COOK, insya’Allah.

My food journey started last week in Tipo-Tipo Basilan. Over there I experienced the typical way of Tausug to buy fresh fishes at the sea shore when the fishing boats unloaded all caught fishes. The fish was so cheap we managed to buy 3 fishes for just 200 pisos. The fishing boat was catching fishes just in front of my relative’s community. If only there was available pump boat we were surely went to the fishing boat to experience how they caught fishes through traditional way and of course to buy some fishes.

After Dawn prayer in that community, as I went off the mosque I saw a Tausug took his pail loaded with squids supposed he brought it to Lamitan. Fortunately, his luck was opened then when I bought some squid other people in the community followed. That was really a busiest and delicious morning for me.  The squid in Buhelebong Sea is quite shorter than the squid found in other parts of Sulu Archipelago. I really enjoyed eating grilled and sautéed squid after more than ten years left this community.

When I left Basilan and went back to Zamboanga City, we roamed around some markets in the city which sell cheapest fish and other food stuffs. We reached as far as Recodo and passed by the Caragasan beach and bought Squid, Fish, Marang, Corn, Banana, Coconut and other cooked foods for our first shooting in the city. The vendors were mostly Buranun and Samal. These ethnics were known for this kind of business. Unluckily, we didn’t see any Sea urchin sold that day. The vendors advise us to come back on Sunday to buy that.

On the next morning, we went to famous Satti Restaurant in the city to buy Satti and Ta’mu. Satti is one of the Tausug food rare found in other parts of Likusantara. As we done, we went to golden bell not to buy appliances but to buy Tausug special delicacies such as the Tiyula’ Itum, Piyassak, Piyanggang manuk and others. The food is cheap yet delicious. If you are Tausug food lover don’t go anywhere to look for yummy taste.

As we enter the wet market, crowded of vendors and emptors filled the way. I noticed, Zamboanga wet market is one of the busiest markets in Sulu Archipelago. If only this market following the concept of Souq in Islam, surely many indigents would be saved from poverty. I had noticed a cassava vendor selling in this market for quite a long time until now she is still there doing the same.

I just wish someday people in this city will be accepting Sulu Dinar and Dirham and following the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad so that their busyness in the market would not be put in vain. Real business can only be found in Muamalah. It is the way of the truthful and the antithesis of tax collectors and usurers.

   This short journey will be finished in few days, InsyaAllah. Hopefully I could find all Tausug recipes while in the city.