On my third day exploring Tausug food in Sulu Darul Islam we took our chances to visit back the Roadside Weekly Market found in Banuwa Caragasan, Zamboanga City. This place is known to most Tausug as a spot where families, lovers and etc spend their weekend enjoying the cleanest sea water and the breeze from the Sulu Sea.

The crowds of people in the market and aplenty of Tausug foods sold didn’t put my finger and eyes into rest to look for remaining food we failed to buy previous days. We go directly to find the intact “Tihi’-Tihi’” [Sea Urchin] in a Samal stalls. Unfortunately, only the Tihi’-Tihi’ roe which was available sold along with some sea vegetables and other sea foods.  However, the absence of Tihi’-Tihi’ didn’t bother us at all for the presence of some Tausug foods such as Punjung, Sindul, Biyaki’, Iyaman Batung, and other yummy delicacies were really relieving.

On this market we also found large sized Pugut and Kaytan. These fishes are ideal for Siyagul recipe. Though Dautdutan was also available, I had chosen the latter for safety purposes. The fish Dautdutan, in fairness, is also delicious but it needs an expert to remove small particles on its stomach containing dangerous poison.  

I thanked Allah for giving me the opportunity to roam around and answering all the necessities for this project. Hopefully, before I left this place I could find Tihi’-Tihi’ for the Uku’-Uku’ recipe.

Sulu Archipelago is indeed beautiful. The only problem here is the system. People here are in dire needs of Muamalah. May Allah bring the ‘amal of Ahlul Madina to all markets in this island country.