Begging for Tranquil

We were passed by the town of Zamboanga city while finding the best Tausug restaurant making delicious native coffee and enjoy seeing the crowd of people walking busily with their own affairs. Along the way we did encounter some indigent persons in the city begging for money – most of them samal – for survival. This city has plenty of mendicants. To my observation this practice would be difficult to address by the Philippine government firstly because the begging practice have become the newly culture of some Samal. Secondly, the Philippine government according to my narrow interpretation of the situation have been for decades exposing the torment of capitalism and usury to its constituents. Anyone who adopted the system will surely be submerged into the darkness. Those individuals who can’t adapt with the system will be looking for easier panacea to the pain they experience everyday – begging and other ignominious act.

Samal is a tribe in Sulu Archipelago illustrious for pearl diving and other sea activities. They were in this Island country before the Muslim missionary arrived to preach Islam to the Tausug. According to some theory Samal were the one who accompanied Muslim missionaries and propelled the banca from Johor to Sulu Archipelago.  Today, this tribe are everywhere in any parts of Likusantara living according to their needs and choices.

After sipping the brewed coffee in a city-class Tausug restaurant we went to National Museum of Zamboanga City taking a cyclorama of historical and cultural remnants left in the city. Sad to say, the museum had been rearranged to focus on the colonialist remnants rather than the natives of Zamboanga City and Sulu Archipelago – the Tausug. Perhaps, the in-charges of the museum regarded the Tausug as the troublemaker which cause many colonizers suffered in their hands. Or they might afraid to promote the native is tantamount to resurrect the historical and ancestral rights of the Muslims?

Fort Pilar is one of the Spanish garrisons survived up to this day. This huge building marked the Spanish leftover in the Island country of the Sultanate of Sulu Darul Islam. The building of garrison was the colonizers policy enable to be saved from natives’ attacked. This garrison according to the natives had been attacked many times by the Tausug courageous warriors such as Panglima Ammad et al and other Muslim fighters from the region. The spirit of the killed Spaniards can still be seen through third eye according to Sharif Salman roaming around the fort.

As the clock ticked 5:00 PM the guard of the Fort Pilar signalling us time for closing. We hurriedly went out the fort. Suddenly, Sharif Salman had received a text from his fellow Naqshabandi of the Sufi Path that they have a weekly Jikir to be conducted in a selected mosque in the city on that evening. For Allah sake, we headed to that Mosque and joined the Naqshabandi way of doing Jikir.

I was in closed contact with Allah as the Jikir started. And listening to every recitation uttered by the amir, Sharif Khalid Ismael. It was a moment of happiness after been busy picturing Tausug foods in previous days. That was a moment of immersion with Allah.
Sufi practice had been with the Tausug since inception. This is the way that cemented the Tausug full reliance to Allah. It is the tool which softens the heart of every kind Tausug. I do hope this religious activity will last long in Zamboanga city.

Begging for tranquil can only be answered if we direct it to Allah. Them who were in deep connection with Allah do not beg anything other than Him. They were implementing Allah’s commands in their lives and society by eliminating Riba [usury] and other unlawful. They use the Dinar and Dirham currency to spread the Muamalah among humankind and establishing Zakat to address the outcry of the poor.

One day when the light of Shariah currency touched the land of Sulu the darkness will be gradually vanished insya’Allah. Regardless of faith, everyone will be enjoyed. 

Ya Allah purify this society from RIBA!