The unsolicited tears

The news flash about recent Cleopatra bombing incidents in Sulu published at is an indication that something has to be seriously done. Many people and group have come up with their respective solutions to this sort of problem but the perpetrators are still out there planning for their next move to be targeted.  We cannot directly say the culprit was Abu Sayyaf, Jamaah Islamiyah and so on unless we have facts to prove. Now, the men in authority still finding hints that would give them a final say about the incident.

Many Tausug believes that bomb incidents in Sulu cannot be solely pinpointed to the separatist groups or individuals. As far as the context of Sulu is concern, there are some people out there who don’t like to see Sulu develop, free of war and other good things.  Their interest might be to keep this region always in a state of disorderliness enable that their dirty plans would be succeeded.

Whoever the perpetrators of the latest incidents in Sulu, May Allah punishes you in this world and in the hereafter.  You are not really a man of faith. And you are indeed a coward!
My sympathy is to the victims particularly to those who got killed in action.

This is the incident worthy of reflection. Allah will not change the plight of the Sulu people unless they will change it themselves.  All of us must seek the help of Allah to change the situation that we have now!

All of the problems faced by the Tausug will surely come to an end. But how, when and what to do?

The answers are in your minds! You are all brilliant Tausug. But you didn’t take yet the right medicine.