Journey of the Poor

We were leaving the port of Zamboanga city heading to Bakungan Island nearby Sabah for our final journey witnessing the richness of Sulu Archipelago. The typical vehicle used to reach the tip of the archipelago is the “lansa” or wood vessel. The lansa trip has no specific date or schedule like the usual passenger vessels do. Tausug used lansa for barter and trading activities after human propeller did not anymore exist.

It has been known to the world that the cause of impoverishment experience by the Tausug vividly attributed to the failure of the Philippine government to bring drastic change after the Sultanate government surrendered by irresponsible individuals from Sulu to  the Republic. Being just a “Protectorate” the Philippines cannot replace what the Darul Islam can give to the people regardless of religious affiliations. The interest of Republic is to enslave the people whereas the Darul Islam is to free people from the political bondage and economic thraldom.  

The reflection of the Philippine governance can be seen in Sulu is tantamount to a mob state. Justice can only be done effectively in Luzon but not in Sulu and Mindanao. Sulu under the Philippines is a military state at the same time running a self-style-mafia-like governance. Public servant supposes to serve its constituents in accordance with the mandates and trust given to him by the people. In contrary most public servants in the context of Philippine politics were like a gang master who only knew to use his power to command in line with his desire and interest of the group. Any individuals would like to question the authority or protecting the right of the people some public servants would make gimmicks enable to stop those individuals. Constitution is only applicable to the weaker constituents but not to the elites. The ruling power is like a cancer continuously killing its subjects.

Back to the journey, while the Filipino society busy watching Corona impeachment on TV the Tagalog women from Manila were crossing Malaysia border for paper money. They were lowering down their dignity as human in the name of poverty.  They sacrifice the value of self and followed the dictates of their lust. This group of Tagalog Christians perhaps have in mind even if they don’t travel to sell their flesh as far as Sabah; in Manila they were also doing the same to evade the daily necessities. According to some passengers, these beautiful young ladies from Luzon, will be working in the local pubs and will be paid in accordance with their service to some Chinese who loved Filipino Sexy Women. For God sake Human Trafficking as if does not exist!

Of course folks, we are all free to do whatever we want in life. But this situation is another impact of the openness of usury [Riba] system in the Philippines. It indirectly enslaved and direct people to do illegal things. That’s why Allah SWT declares War against RIBA.  Now I see why Datu Shaykh Umar Ibrahim Vadillo said in one of his Video that Philippines is one of the darkest countries on earth after Philadelphia and Washington.  

When we arrived in Bakungan Island a Tausug said to me “If you’d like to open a Souq [Free Market] here just inform me”, after I discussed to him the beauty of Darul Islam as panacea to the prevalent problems faced by the humanities. Bakungan Island is just 45 minutes to Sandakan via Speed boat. This island is where the last destination of all lansa off from any ports in Sulu Archipelago.  

The answers are surely with us. Allah will be opening His mercy from heaven and earth should the Muslims of today truly implementing the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad – establishing Muamalat for the people.

Poverty is indeed a calamity with the absence of faith to Allah.