I am Free, so are you

They say that men are free but how to exercise that freedom if we keep on denying the Truth. What, Where and Who is the Truth? Find out in yourselves! The Truth is The Omnipresence, The All-Knower, The first and the Last. He is alone without partner, has no son, and the source of all creations. He is your God, my God and the God of all that exist be it they living in physical and spiritual realm.  He is the cause of every atom moving in the universe. He is neither inside nor outside of your body. Go back to Him you have been given the way. Search it until you totally vanish and witness the unison of life emanates from Him! Don't spend much time exploring the freedom that has a limit, it is just but useless. "Come, come" as what Rumi had said, the door of forgiveness is still open to anyone who want to taste the sweetness of the fountain of Life!

This is it! You are a slave at the same time a master as averred by Sufi Masters. You, is the hindrance to the One. Never claimed yourself a Master, if you don't know the secret. Unless you'd like to emulate Pharaoh's affirmation that he was God! Be careful traversing if you have no guide to show you the way. 

Say goodbye to your self when the moment of Truth unveiling Himself to you through the language of the heart. Follow the footstep of beloved Prophet Muhammad without him you are nothing!