Muslim Families: Banned Pilar College

"Let us support the "Right to Hijab Movement" to stop the discriminating policy of the Pilar College, Zamboanga City who is asking the Muslim students to waive their rights of wearing hijab in the college. Whoever support in the name of Allah, please change your profile picture to this picture. Thank you. "
- Muslim voices in Facebook -

Personal Comment:  For me this is truly against the teaching of Christianity. If the policy of the Pilar College won't allow Muslim student to wear veil ask the nuns in that school to take off their head cover.

Veil is a right of every Muslim woman just like a nun who also has a right to cover her hair. No one has the right to take it off from their heads unless he/she is not a man/woman of faith. I smell something fishy with this institution. Something bad than you are expecting!

To my Muslim brothers and sisters advice your parents and families not to enroll in this anti-Muslim school!

Neldy Jolo saidIt is indeed obligatory to join "Right to Hijab Movement" and other organizations to fight against discrimination of wearing Hijab. Wearing Hijab is fundamental and universal right...