A Space without War

Inside us there is a space that can’t be disturbed by war. It is where peace and harmony truly dwelt. There lies the beginning of goodness and where all crookedness end. It’s an abstract domain. It’s effulgent vivid through action and kind words. From there emanates all handsome attitudes and the nobility of men.  All men possessed it.

A space without war is a home of love and peace. It is shrouded in mystery but surrounded with Shangri-la. It’s a blessed world for a blessed people. However, only a few were guided to its door.

The threshold of the abode of love and peace has numerous guards. Its key can be found everywhere but only a few successfully obtained it. Do you know why? The Owner of the chamber is Omnipresence and All-knower who knew the secrets of all. How could you possibly reach Him O you arrogant, polytheist and world-worshipper?   

Seek not with doubts before it’s too late. Wash the mud in your hearts. Soak them in a fond of repentance. Cut all the rotten. Accept all your mistakes and be thankful for what he had given to you. Plea to Him enable that you may find solace. Implore Him in time of happiness and difficulty and ask for His assistance that you may be given a guide to lead you on your journey to His realm. Aim nothing; seek no reward only Him alone.

It’s neither your reward nor devotion in worship that could open this secret. It is only Him, nothing more.

Come back to Him, you have nothing to shame of. You are not yet too late!

May Allah forgive us all.