Just a reflection

Why can't we live Peacefully?
Why can't we live without hatred?
Why can't we live as one?
Why can't we live to appreciate others?
Why can't we live to love?
Why can't we live without selfish goal?

Why.. Why.. And Why?

Big questions still lingering in my mind. Where in the world we can find a place that really answers the questions above.

But let me answer those questions with my own opinion.

When personal interest matter, to live peacefully is impossible.

When a group of people claiming things which is not theirs, hatred always possible to happen.

Without the essence of spiritual brotherhood to live as one is almost impossible.

When a self contemplating more on his achievement, to appreciate others would not happen.

When material things are more valuable than fellow humankind, love wouldn't grow in a society.

It is the selfish goal that would make a person/group successful in his/their goal.

Whatever, I know you have your own opinion.


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  1. By Little Princess Ney


    1- kc hilu hala in dunya, consist of differend kind of people with different attitude and behaviour.

    2- because hatred cause misunderstanding that in fact bring the evil side of us.

    3- Because We lived in differend country, continent, we dont know what they're up to and so as them!

    4- Because We want to be the best, thats y we cant totally appreciate others for their success and the things they posses.

    5- Because of HURT,PAIN,SORROW,ABONDON, FEELING OF UNWANTED,its why we cant live to love.

    6- Because most of the time when we recieved little we beg for more.