Choose the Original yet the Best.

There is only one choice for us to become what we want to happen in our life be it in this temporal world and in the hereafter. If you want happiness choose the best thing that can make you remain in that state forever. But the process of choosing itself is part of the larger plan for life.

The diversity of Allah’s plan towards His creation is unfathomable. Every single creation has its own respective plan and that cannot be changed by anyone. Even the parents themselves cannot dictate what the future’s hold for their children. The will of a creation is but dependent to the Will of his Creator.

The parents can only make plans for their children but the process of making that plan is already part of Allah’s plan. And the plan that parents decided for their children is still hanging in the air, unless the design of the plan they made is in line with the bigger plan that had been an architect by All Merciful.

We came to this world not by accident. It is His Will we became human and dwelling in this world for a short period of time. We didn’t even request to Him that we should be sent here for adventure purposes or shall we say for jollity. He created us for Him to be known. We are here just to witness His being God.

The problem we usually encounter is that how to testify to the God that we cannot see?

It was with this reason, the Almighty Allah sent down messengers and prophets in a form of human. Their way of living is in accordance with the lifestyle and culture of a certain place and community. The messengers and prophets were the guide and bringer of what have been forgotten by the people. They bring people back to the awareness of life before they came to this world and the stations they are about to land in the future.

In modern times, we have no more prophets and messengers but Allah SWT has many Saints to guide whom Allah SWT have chosen. We also have Qur’an as a partner of saints to admonish the people to follow what had been relayed by the prophets and the pious in the previous time. The saints of Allah are not human. They are the Path of Goodness. A human cannot become saintly but they can possess some of the saint’s qualities. The saints are the soldiers of Allah. They exist before the final Prophet Muhammad PBUH advent in this world. The saints are the caretaker of the knowledge of Allah taught to our beloved Prophet.

Anyway, what we choose for our life must be good for us not only in this world but include the hereafter. Let us not waist our time to plan for our life. For it already has a Great Planner who fully understands and Most Watchful to the affairs of His creations.
Let Allah’s presence reign in our hearts. Follow the way of the pious and not of the Philosophers. Dive into the ocean of life see and witness what many peoples regarded as “boring”. It’s better to get bored in this world than in the hereafter. According to our guide, Tuan Muhammad Abdulwahid “the Hereafter is the most boring place to those people whose hearts are blind.”

May Allah forgive us all, and admit us to His unlimited mercy. Ameen.