My Friend and I are both blind.

We can live as one because God is Only One and He is ALLAH. I do respect my fellow Earth citizens but I will never compromise my Faith and my Life. The Truth is only One. He is neither two nor three. Should you coerce me to accept your belief then prove it before my eyes if you are a true servant and have been embraced by the divine Love. Allah shall then extract from you His knowledge, His power and everything which you claim yours. No One is above Him. Submit yourself fully to His will. 

A wise traveler will not seek advice from his enemy but to his friend. An erudite intimate friend will never betray you. Trust him always, follow his way and never skip his important tips.

May Allah keep you safe my friend, this world will soon leave us. Don't hold your breath if you are uncertain of your target. Nay, learn from the tale of the ice when it melted. Certainty is not born out of ignorance. Let the knowledge blind you of yourself than yourself become blind of knowledge.

This life is an abstract creation only to those who have been blinded by their reasons. It is vivid to those who have been endowed with perfect vision.

We cannot live as one, for the one we serve is not Him. It is our pride, profession, wealth, power, family, fame, lust etc.

Go back to the teachings brought by the Prophets of Allah. They were our guides. No Philosophers have been praised by the Almighty like He did to His prophets and messengers.

In this pluralistic society, respect is very important. But respect can never abrogate our vows to the Master.

Follow my way, your way and their way - we have so many ways, but the truth it is only one.

This is about my personal reflection of what's happening in my  surroundings. This is not about you or him, this is about us, human. Salvation is matter at the time you need it. Let  us save ourselves. Be with myself and yourself. We have different faces yet we do have the same soul - ALLAH. 

Human soul originated not from heaven and the four elements. It is, indeed from Allah. We must always thankful to Allah SWT, for sending us prophets in the past and saints at present and those religious scholars who mastered the path. 

I can achieve the divine gift - garden of Eden - should I put it aside in this temporal world. My goal and my life are nothing but Allah.  

This world is a wide garden for us to sow seeds of goodness.