WHAT IS ISLAM – A Personal View

Firstly, I would like to thank Allah SWT for giving me the cause to live in a society full of hatred, prejudice, and various interpretations of Islam. He guided me to study Islamic Studies from a western academic institution. Afterwards I had faced severe trials of my faith and perseverance. But those trials did not stop me to propel in the ocean of life. I know I have to pass all of them if there is, in my plan, the word “success”.

Let me share with you what I understand about my religion, ISLAM.

ISLAM came from the Arabic word Salam means Peace. It is the second and fastest growing religion nowadays. The current statistics show that Islam followers has reached 1.57 billion (source link).

The religion Islam was finalized during the time of Prophet Muhammad SAW in 622 CE. Though Prophet Muhammad SAW regarded as the founder Islam, Muslim believes that the beloved was not the one who founded this religion. Prophet Muhammad came to be to finalize Islam. From the beginning of human Islam had already been there. Why is that so? You mean Adam and Eve were Muslims (Muslim: is the follower of Islam)?

Indeed, they were. How come?

Allah says in the Qur’an, Indeed, the religion in the sight of Allah is Islam (Sahih International, Al-Imran:19).

If the religion before Allah is Islam, it does means it is the only innate religion built within the life of humanity. Islam, according to some expert in Theology based from the above verse, is welded within human life. Life without religion has no different with that of animals, plants and other living things. Just like  a computer without installing the program, such as windows and others. What we can see with that sort of computer is just the power of electricity blinking.

Human life has been installed with the innate religion called Islam. If anyone would like to verify it by themselves find the nearest Muslim Spiritual master ask some help on how to witness that the only natural religion installed in human life is Islam.

The Most Merciful God would not have sent us to this world without the religion, unless we would become like animals and other creations. And this religion would continue to exist as long as there is life on earth. Thus, Islam founded by Allah SWT for his beloved Prophets and humanity.

To some non-Muslims this verse would be difficult to accept, simply because they are also claiming that it is only their religion that is true. However, on this write up I don’t mean to ignite theological debate but let us ponder on this life.

Let us ask ourselves freely. Who created me? Who give me life? Who owns my Life? What about the other living things? Who owns their lives too? These are just some of the questions that need specific answers.

However, all these questions had been answered by Allah SWT through the pattern lived by the Prophet Muhammad PBUH and the verses can be found in the holy Qur’an.

Allah Says, “It is He Who gave you life, then He shall make you dead, then He shall give you life.” (22:66)

“...Who has created all things well and He originated the creation of man out of clay, then He fashioned his progeny of an extraction of mean water, then He shaped it, and breathed His spirit in it. And He appointed for you hearing and sight, and heart; little thanks you show.” (32:7‑9).

If still you are failing to understand what is the reality of true religion based on the questions above, try to approach Muslim sages and ask this question, from whom did this sound come from? If still failed, enjoy your life and remember this verse, “And We have already created man and know what his soul whispers to him, and We are closer to him than [his] jugular vein” (Sahih International, Qaf:16)

Islam is simple and natural. Don’t make it difficult. Be a prayerful Muslim your life needs it.

Let the love flourishes and hatred vanishes. Islam is not a symbol and a culture. It is the “natural guru” who guided us back to our origin – that is the mission of the Prophets and the man of God.

This is my understanding of Islam. I don’t mean to coerce you to believe it, but what matter is that I believe in what I say and what I feel.

Thanks for reading. Allah bless you and guide you.