A Good Christian is a Good Muslim

It sounds weird though; a Christian is always a Christian, so as with a Muslim.

On this write up I’m not trying to say that a good Christian is a good Muslim in faith. What I’m trying to emphasize is that in attitude no individual could claim that only a person or group of people who monopolize the quality of being good. We cannot therefore say only a Muslim possesses a sound attitude and the rest are bad. All humankind, regardless of colors and faiths possessed these human inherent traits. Hence, all shared quality attitude is the basic teaching of all religions.

People will not quarrel among them should they consider their natural being and universal brotherhood. Why? What is in our nature?

It is evident, that human is composed of body and soul. Have the same mode of breathing; eating, drinking and so on and so forth. Human also have the same life or soul. We only have one Life and one death. There are no two lives or nine lives, we only have one. We have the same sense and needs. So why still clash each other when we have a lot in common?

The clash among humanity is part of their being human. It is because of the interest they have that spurred them to make trouble. In that interest lays the greed, hungrier for power and fame, the sultry of lust, the passion to oppress and many more.  All these negative qualities were in human since this world populated by Homo sapiens.

What is usually neglected by us is the most important part that already built-in in our being – divine attributes. We tend to escape from it enable that our way and system would not be labelled as “Theocracy”. We do believe in God, but our belief only applicable in the synagogue, church, mosque and temple. We failed to realize the divine attributes that welded in us, do not stop to oversee and administer our daily transaction.

Didn’t we notice every time we face difficulty, trouble, problem something within us earnestly give advice? Who was that? Our conscience, but who is the puppeteer behind the curtain? Is it God or Who? In short, whatever tricks we do to evade of not to get influenced by God’s religion in our daily transaction that would only remain in it. The truth is we are all like fishes immerse unconscious in the water.  

Neither nature nor human can be called God. God is God and Human is Human. All of creation shared the same fate – receives the Good attributes from God. What about Bad then? Isn’t it Muslims believing that everything (existence and non-existence) is belongs to God? Indeed, because Satan was created by God. There is no other Creator besides Him.

Without Satan, all creations are, in short, “Angels”. It means they will become angelic – not a troublemaker.  There are no use of creating Heaven and Hell without the Good and Bad; the devil and angel. We possessed these two opposite traits, because it is inbuilt in our lives. Our body possessed these Diabolic and Angelic traits. These two traits clash each other.  They aim to dominate at one life then family and to the society at large. And that is part of our nature.

Back to the topic, the good attitude of a Christian is the attitude taught to a Muslim, the bad attitude of a Christian is also the thing advice to a Muslim. Neither of the two opposed with regards to good and bad – except matters about belief.

From this view, some people blame religions as the source of hatred and tumult face by humanity. To them religions are man-made and centered on the debate about who's right and wrong.  They even suggested in order to resetting Peaceful co-existence the humanity should break the barrier of religious order and live naturally without God to worship.

And this totally deviates from the real nature. Are not in this group of people sought for love, justice and peace? If that's so, who give them the sense to feel love, to struggle for a just society, and to cry for peace? Was it Natural Inspiration?

Indeed, we are naturally born with complete senses and innate religion. The true religion is not man-made. The one who asks you to do good, to think wholesome, to feel love, to seek for justice and many things except bad is the innate religion. And this is our natural religion its name is ISLAM. God says; the religion before Allah is ISLAM. Do not trouble yourself to look for the truth; ISLAM is in our lives from inception. Do not equate Islam with some trouble created by some covetous Muslims and dirty politicians. ISLAM has been in our soul, it was with this reason why Prophet Muhammad was sent – to finalize it.

Satan is the enemy of good people. Struggle to control him; he is also living in us, tied him with certainty of faith. Submit yourself to the owner of your life. When the death is approaching our innate religion shall appear before our very eyes. He welcomes us if we are his righteous and obedient friend and bring us back to the Highest and Most Merciful God.  Our religion is our heavenly body.

A good Christian is a Good Muslim in deeds but not in faith. Respect would be one of the best tools don’t let the bad people destroys it.

Let us help to clear the messes in our little way.

To God we belong to Him we shall return. 

May the New Year 2014 brings more hope and glory to those who strive for it. May Peace and Goodness in this part of the world dominate.