Natural Guru

I am always consulting my natural guru every time there is confusion comes to my mind. Sometime I soliloquy to express to him some thought which is contradictory to the belief that I have.  In silent mode he answers all my questions. Sometimes he comes to me in a form of logical expression; there are times he speaks to me like  an instructor giving lecture to its students. Then I listen and follow his advice. Who is more precious beside him, when at the time of need he is always with me. Never say no to anything I do except bad. Who is he?

He is our natural religion. The religion embedded in the soul. It is the distinguishing feature of human which separate them from that of animals and other creations. He is connected to the divine chamber at the same time with us. Through him, that we as servants is unveiled.

With him we can see and witness that all lives are God masterpiece. There is none a single human or insect creeping on earth that have two different kinds of life. Most of the sages in the past and at present understand it, but it’s still difficult to point out if who is behind the curtain in the cinema of life. One factor that made it difficult is the faith we professed.  

God sent us then prophets and saints. Both have different missions, but serve to only one God. God will never send a prophet to guide humankind because it had been finalized by his beloved Muhammad Sallawlahu alayhi wasallam. Who is then to guide us in this modern and more complex world?

The easiest answer is that, we have the Qur’an. This divine book is a textbook of every human, regardless of their colors and belief. Though some regarded it as a masterpiece of Prophet Muhammad, inadequate facts failed to prove it. Until someone becomes aware of their existence and the uniqueness of God’s plan only then they would be able to realize the importance of the Qur’an as a living witness of God existence.

God, Allah, Yahweh, Father, are some of the names used by human to name the All-Living Master. However, it is incumbent upon us to study and research which of these terms closer to the reality of who we are and the God we always ask at time of needs.

May the spirit of 12 Rabiul Awal 1435 (The Birthday Prophet Muhammad) lights our way and cements our belief that There is no other God worthy of praise except Allah and Muhammad is his messenger and prophet.

If you wish to know your natural guru, seek it from the master who mastered the knowledge of Allah and has the access to the Divine Chamber. May Love and Peace reign in this world.