Poem for the Day

Aliazer Abdurajim

Death is a friend of Abu Darda
And the buddy of pious too

It’s a pleasant moment for believers
And torment time for Kafir

Death loves the Pious
And dislikes the hypocrite

No one can escape from it
Even the angels of death

Death is a loyal servant
Anywhere in the world can be found

It recognizes no one
Only give respect to those who obey the command

Death is an enemy of materialists
It can’t be pleased by any gifts

You can’t move your feet even an inch
Once time of your life is about to end

So why not love death while still on earth?

(12:06 am) May 26, 2008
Kg. Bahagia, Sandakan

Source: http://indaginislangan.yolasite.com