Poem for the Day


A liar made me tears

But I swept the tears away

For the believer live forever

And a liar dies in a day

I swept away the tears

Though a traitor betrayed me

For "ALLAH" loves believers

And a traitor goes astray

I was stabbed by the backbiter

But I wiped the blood away

For the believer live forever

And a backbiter dies in a day

Though the blood caused me pain

I ignore what I feel

For the believer goes to heaven

And the evil goes to hell

From the throne with golden chair

I would go where the slave stay

For the believer live for ever

And a boaster dies in a day

Oh Please..! Let me struggle from fall

And believe to rise again

For the believer conquer all

And a loser dies in pain

© July 23, 2007 copyright by Secret @ KSA