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This is no prejudice. "All Tausug" is the Philosophy of the Tausug bloggers who have deep concerned for the future of the Sultanate of Sulu Darul Islam and its people, the Tausug. Before Sulu Archipelago illegally annexed to the Philippines, national pride was not zoomed by the people dwelling within the territory by that time. For the influence of Islam, which recognizes no national territory and adhering to the divine knowledge which says "only the best among you the one who excel in Taqwa [Fear]". Perhaps in the past the pride of being a national of this and that country was not yet reaches its zenith. Because Nusantara back then was dwelled by any colours and nationalities even without passport or national identity to show. However, the existence of Tausug National Identity can be traced back during the time of the first Sultan of Sulu [Sultan Shariful Hashim] should it become our primary concern through the process of reinstalling the Sovereignty of the Sultanate of Sulu.

Tausug is not a name of a tribe of the people dwelling in Jolo who speak the Bahasa Sug but it's a Nationality of all people living within the territory of the Sultanate of Sulu if we tend to adopt the nation-state concept. All tribes such as the Buranun, Samal, Bajau, Yakan, Jama Mapun, Mulbug, Kalibugan, Bisaya, Chinese, and other tribes currently residing within the territory are therefore a Tausug. 

This is not about to glorify the Tausug which regarded by many as one of the tribes in Sulu but to realistically put all things in order. How come a Sultanate of Sulu governed the entire Sulu Archipelago for almost 400 years if it had no national identity? 

In short, this is the way how we look at this thing. Either our brothers and sisters out there seem to disagree with this idea, we don't care.  We are promoting the Tausug not because it is our tribe. I myself, my tribe is a Buranun with mixed Arab [Sharif]. With this confession, where could I insert the Tausug in my life? What if you say also the same as mine or perhaps you are a Samal mixed Yakan? What single identity we must adopt then in order for the people outside Sulu call us by just a name or an identity? In short, as far as Sultanate of Sulu is concern our unifying identity is the TAUSUG - hence, All Tausug.