Thank you ya Habibi!

Minaret of Mosque in Putik, Photo by: Yazir Rajim

Islam reached the Sultanate of Sulu Darul Islam through the effort of Ahlul Bayt [Household of Prophet Muhammad]. The softness of Islamic teachings they preached among the Tausug had converted the locals to the Religion of Allah, Islam. This religion is contains not only a matter of belief but a way of life which every Muslim must practice it in accordance with Prophet Muhammad teachings found in the Qur'an, Hadith and exemplified by his Ahlul Bayt which most of them are Wali Allah. 

I bear witness there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger and Prophet. 

Thanks to the Makhdumin [a group of Muslim Missionaries] and the Sharaif and Sayyed. We are the living witness to the radiance of Prophet Muhammad Teachings. It is shone in the entire Archipelago, if not because of this light, the Muslims in the Sultanate of Sulu are now professing other faiths. Thanks to the Karamah endowed by Allah to his friends [The Wali Allah], which can still be witnessed in the tombs of the Sayyed and Sharaif scattered through out the Island country of the Sultanate of Sulu Darul Islam. 
Habib Al-Huda Al-Minangkabawi Visited the Tomb of Tuan Timhar Maqbalu and Rajah Baginda sometimes in 2010. Photo by: Tausug Citizens
This karamah have been experience by the ancestors of the Makhdumin, the Alawiyyin, and other Sayyed in Sulu. The Ahlul Bayt in Sulu are the holder of the Prophet divine knowledge. Only there present still opaque to their relatives [the Ahlul Bayt] in Yemen, Indonesia, Malaysia and other Countries. Should you want to prove this statement pay visit to Sulu and seclude in one of their mountains. By then, if Allah will, you can experience as what Tuan Gulam Hassan Albikangi said when he visited Jolo, "A month seclusion in Mt. Kinabalu can be achieved ten days in Mt. Tumantangis". 

Old Mosque in Maimbung, Sulu. Photo by: Yazir Rajim
Pay visit to Sulu oh our brothers Habaib! Pay visit to Sulu Oh the Secrets of Allah! Pay visit to Sulu oh Mashaik! Your brothers in this Island country is waiting for the rejuvenation of a truly brotherhood in the name of Islam. Our purpose is for seeking the real Peace which can only be achieved by peaceful men. Come, until the fruits of our ancestors still beaming like a sun.  Afraid not the enemy of Islam for there are angels send by Allah to protect us. If you believe Islam will be reigning once again, show to us the loving mercy of Allah. Don't look only to the Mideast and America, you must also turn your eyes to the Island which your ancestors sowed the knowledge of Ma'rifa.

Please come back ya Habibi!

We are almost lost and misguided by the pretenders from afar fortunately the beckon of Sheikh Makhdum which he lighted in 1380 awaken us and guide us back to the mainstream [Ahlu Sunna wal Jamaah] alhamdulillah. 

We are patiently standing by the forceful accusation of our brothers to say this and that to our ancestors. This ingratitude person seem to forget, who are they by now anyway, if the foundation of faith of our ancestors to Islam is not firmed. 

Please Come Back ya Habibi!