Islands in the East

I had crossed almost all beautiful islands in SSDI; they are incomparable gifts from Allah. The picturesque Islands can be found in the Island country of the Sultanate of Sulu Darul Islam would allure tourists especially them who loved nature and deep sea diving.  

Mamanuk Island is just an hour via Speed boat from Semporna, Sabah.

SSDI is famous with sea products to name some, the edible seaweed, sea cucumber, Lobster, and other shells which would give handsome benefits to local and international businessmen. Even this country, under the Republic of the Philippines dubbed as the haven of terrorist, I believe once the SSDI fully implemented the De Facto government of the Sultanate of Sulu Darul Islam this negative caricature would be corrected, thus all islands which are strategic would be opened to all tourists regardless of colours, creeds and nationalities.

Who owned this?

SSDI have enough resources to sustain its citizenry and even its neighbouring countries. The Oil alone in the womb of Sulu Sea is more than adequate to maintain the daily needs of the Tausug. Even all Tausug in foreign countries would go home to get their shares the economy of SSDI would not ebb.

Unfortunately, the outsiders are now benefiting the resources in Sulu. And the Tausug are still locked in the state of obscurity and abject poverty. Most of them are just wondering if why the Americans back in their land. Is it about the VIP agreement? Not at all, they are in Sulu for 3G - Gold [Oil, Gold], God [Scientology???], and Global Power. While the Tausug on the other hand are also busy in foreign lands to look also for 3G – Gold [to earn more dollars] Greed [to satiate their desire of wealth] Go to Hell [Imprison because don’t have legal documents to enter other country].

It's a general knowledge that Sulu has huge oil deposit.

As you witness by your naked eyes the glittering white sands in Sulu beaches, you can now arrive to conclusion, what the h*** is happening with the Tausug, irregardless of their social status. “The Tausug are Crazy” as Prof. Bascar once said, as he witnessed the Tausug are striving for a territory which is not theirs.  

Here's the banana..Come eat!

The whiteness of the sand resembles the purity of the hearts of the Tausug who doesn’t like to be shackled by any oppressors. Cease not to create havoc in SSDI, oppressors.  Your time is about to end. The true nature of the Tausug – as peace loving creation - shall be loomed to answer all the sufferings and problems faced by Tausug nationals irrespective of their faiths, Insya'Allah.  

If you [Philippines] is for Chaos, The SSDI is for Peaceful and Just world!