Short Visit to Siasi

Siasi is one of the busiest Islands in the Sultanate of Sulu Darul Islam. This place has its own historical background to proud of. Its dwellers are mostly Buranun, Samal, and some Chinese and Bisaya.

As the vessel passed by this beautiful Island Habib Sakiral’s relative, who was a devoted supporter of MNLF struggle, texted us to pay visit to his home in North Laud Siasi. Hadji Jamal is among the active advocates of MNLF cause. But when MNLF leaders failed to realize the promises to the people, Hadji Jamal decided to live a normal life as what the general masses are doing.

In his home, this old fellow impressed me with his strong dedication to “Maksud” [cause]. He is educated about Islam and western education, currently serving the self run Madrasah as a chairman of the Board of Trustees.

The business brought us there was the idea about the restoration of the Sultanate of Sulu. Habib Sakiral with his adequate knowledge about the Sultanate succeeded to convince Hadji Jamal.  Because the loved for the “Maksud” is there in hadji Jamal’s heart, it didn’t wane. 

After hours of discussion and sharing, he invited us to see their Madrasah. I thought this religious institution funded by the local politicians, unluckily it is not. This madrasah taught Sunni creed with Shafi’i jurisprudence.

In the future, Insya’Allah, this madrasah would be turned to formal School under the Sultanate of Sulu Darul Islam, with a suggested name Sultan Muhammad Aranan Puyo Historical and Law Institute. If Allah permits, we will be visiting hadji Jamal to Siasi to tell him about our suggestion to their madrasah and to the Tausug Citizens over there. 


  1. Hj Jamal is an academe by profession and a Mujahid at heart. Although the MNLF was no longer performing as a vehicle for the emancipation of Moro Muslims throughout Mindanao and Sulu, in the way of Islam, nevertheless Hj Jamal still pinned his hopes in the MNLF being able to lead the way in future. However, convinced that the Sulu Sultanate Darul Islam (SSDI)is the viable alternative, he relented and vowed to undertake the propagation work for the Siasi folks to unite under SSDI.

    Last week, Hj Jamal had called up to report that in his first week of 'propagation' work, he found the people generally responsive and willing to undergo "change". Starting from the masses to the academe and now targeting the politicians who are mostly his kins, he finds it highly promising and greatly rewarding. Siasi can now be tagged as an SSDI bailiwick. (Hb Sakiral)

  2. Siasi has a potential for greatness in development. But like all other towns in the Sulu archipelago, it has been virtually left alone to fend for its own welfare, forgotten and by-passed in the mad rush for rural improvements.

    But Global Peace Mission (GPM) Malaysia may be able to play a part to help people earn a decent living through micro-credit scheme. Some workers will be commissioned to survey the extent of assistance needed to launch the project. Hopefully, Hadji Jamal can play a vital part as liaison officer for the success of the plan. InshaAllah

  3. Insya'allah we'll do our best how to extend help to our fellow human in this part of the world. It's good if GPM could materialize that micro credit scheme. let's see where we can start.

    Keep it touch.