Good Only Begets Good


People are not all the same in matters on temporal aspect. Each of them has their respective ambition, like, favourite and taste. Sometimes a person viewed this life depends on the environment where he lived, faith he believed, family he rose and school where he educated. Despite of the richness of human’s activities and perceptions; they are all bounded by two opposite traits - “Good and bad”. A baby born into this world innately has these attributes. If a child bring up in a good family his future would be filled with handsome attribute, but if he is bring up in a bad family a big tendency he would become bad.

According to Tausug phratries, Sultanate of Sulu before the advent of foreign invaders was already a haven of peaceful people because they had brought up within the environment where Islam serves as the official religion. Their every day transaction concentrated on livelihood and observed the basic teachings of Islam.  The Tausug became peaceful people because of the deep influence of mystical practices introduced by the Ahlul Bayt in the Sultanate of Sulu. The teachings of Islam introduced to the Tausug were the same as what had been practice by Prophet Muhammad during his time – the teaching full of love and gentleness.  It is believed, after the demise of Prophet Muhammad 1400 years ago the trust to spread and exemplified Islam were handed down to his Ahlul bayt and other scholars and pious who practice moderation in their lives.

Hadhrat Zaid bin Arqam (Radhi Allahu Ta'ala 'Anhu) reported Allah's Messenger (Sall Allahu alaihi wa Aalihi wa Sallim) as saying, "I am leaving among you something of such a nature that if you lay hold of it you will not go astray after I am gone, one part of it being more important than the other: Allah's Book, a rope stretched from heaven to earth, and my close relatives who belong to my household. These two will not separate from one another till they come down to the Pond, so consider how you would act regarding them after my departure." (Sahih Tirmidhi)

As the invaders disturbed the Sultanate of Sulu the some peaceful Tausug became hawkish. The word “Kafir” was anathema to their ears. The garrison of the enemy had become their easiest portal to heaven, as simple as tax thing the Tausug in the past did not crouch to the demand of their enemy. It’s not that the Tausug became warlike because that’s how Islam taught them to be, but it was the right of the Tausug to do so enable to defend their homeland from interlopers. To love a country is a basic right of each people, any countries regardless of religion if infiltrated by foreigners they really do the same as what the Tausug were doing  in defending their country.

Uncle Sam's soldiers proudly standing in front of Innocent Tausug civilians corpse
How the world hegemony of today mould the mind setting of the people of the world. They taught the people to do what is good, but their activity throughout the world is antagonist to what they relay. They say that the Abu Sayyaf is a terrorist, but during the Bud Dahu massacre where Thousand of Tausug including women and children died on the creek through American hands but did they consider those act as a form of terror? Terrorism of today is regarded as the best weapon enable to justify the infiltration to any part of this world – this is a general view. The most important, you can form or train a religious like group, afterwards put them in their respective place for the continuous operation. From 5 to 10 years span the group formed will be vanished from this world but the master plan of the great deceivers successfully done.

What does this mean to you?
American soldiers nowadays are plenty in Jolo Islands. The innocent Tausug thought this Uncle Sam’s soldiers back to Sulu for humanitarian purposes - this have been proven through projects under USAID. Though the Tausug masses regard it like that, in the future this program would become another problem in this part of the world - for there's no reason for the American to spend billions of dollars without any benefit out of it in return? The worries loom because there are thousands Tausug out there who have similar thinking as Panglima Hassan and other Bud Dahu martyred – who loved to die in battle for the sake of justice and freedom. If for instance, the American forces came with the agenda to usurp what is due to the Tausug and the Sultanate of Sulu, another Bud Dahu massacre would be happening in Jolo Island? Hopefully, this would not be happening.

Should the American government truly well educated and champion of democracy they must show to the world their being human and civilized citizens on earth. If it is right, good only begets good the American must prove to the Tausug their sincerest action to ultimately help them to solve the root causes to their problem – restoration of the Sultanate of Sulu.

May peace reign once more in this part of the World!