Rajab: The Month of Isra Wal Mi'raj


Narrated Abdullah ibn Mas’ood (radiyallahu anhu): “The Prophet (sallallahu alaihe wa-sallam) said: “On the night of my Ascension (Miraaj) I met Ibraheem (radiyallahu anhu) and he said to me: “Muhammad (sallallahu alaihe wa-sallam), Convey my salaam to your people and tell them that Paradise is a vast plain of pure soil and sweet water and its trees cry: ‘Holy is Allah, all praise is due to Allah, there is none worthy of worship save Allah, and Allah is Great.” [at-Tirmidhee no: 1445] Continue reading...

Tausug are indeed impregnable followers of Islam. From small matters to bigger, it is their tradition to consult first the Takwim or Hijri Calendar before to launch any business, start to move to a newly house, to find the best day for marriage ceremony, to seek knowledge and many more. There are many secrets of choosing the right day and month in Hijra Calendar.

On this special Takwim month of Rajab has been chosen to remind the Muslim world and the Tausug in particular the value of this month. How this month contributes to the life of humankind? In Islam it was here where life of a man reach the stage of perfection, the Isra Wal Mi’raj, should the wisdom behind this journey well decipher by every sane Muslim and Mu’min.

May Allah shower His blessing to the Muslim Ummah and protect them from the fitna of Dajjal. May Allah’s strong support always with the Tausug who are supporting the restoration of the Sultanate of Sulu. May Allah inspire the Sultan of Sulu, PBMM Al-Sultan Bantilan Muizzuddin II with the divine knowledge. Ya Allah by the virtue of this month and the baraka of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW, do accept our plea. Ameen