Islam: the brighter Light for my future

Being new to Islam, I was worried on how to be a worthy Muslim. I embraced, this number one ranking religion in the world, early before my marriage. Many of my co workers were amazed after they knew that I got married to our fellow worker Muslim. It added to their surprise when they knew that I had reverted to Islam. They had thought that maybe my husband forced me to do so. Actually, I already embraced Islam before our marriage. It was my decision to accept Islam. To me Islam is the only brighter light to guide me in this world and in the hereafter. There were also some of my co workers understand my decision but there were also some who doesn’t. I cannot blame them, as we all know to please everybody is indeed difficult.

At that time, I was struggling hard to put myself in line with the newly faith that I have. My mind and heart then was wrapped with sin most particularly in worshipping others besides Allah. Alhamdulillah, with Allah’s guidance and mercy I was able to cope up with my new milieu. I also thankful to my husband for sharing his knowledge of Islam, it did help me a lot to understand all about this faith.

Months passed by I decided to perform the solat. I can’t describe the feelings that I had then, all I did was cried. I felt ashamed; I felt I’ve no right to faced Allah because of the sins mounted on myself. But my husband is always there to soothe me with his words that Allah is the most merciful and most forgiving. If we are sincere in asking for forgiveness, Allah forgives.  Then little by little I felt light within my heart knowing that Allah had forgiven my sin.

I thank you Allah for choosing me to embrace your wonderful religion.

-Mel Abdurajim -

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  1. Who told you that you are not Muslim before? You are fitrah sis :)

    Since birth you are Muslim.

    You are lucky for having Yaz.