Titled the land of the sea current home of the courageous people
Fought in the plain none of the opponents put in the back

Named land of the sea current having Sultanate government
From the early era defended the faith, fulfill the obligations

Land of the sea current was praised, its people are brave
Even the bones whitens but not the heels
(Never run and turn back from the fight)

Land of the sea current was showered by the blood of wise men
Raised up Islam from the cause of God

Land of the sea current is loved its people never get subjugated
From either in the fighting field to the character

Land of the sea current is rich made as business place
By the Spaniards and Americans succeeded by Japanese
Taking over to gain profit

Land of the sea current is known home of knowledgeable
An aristocratic respected by the other nations

Land of the sea current is attractive
Contested by the countries in the West because of the wealth

Land of the sea current having supernatural power
The promise of God cannot be detached

Its people have honor bound by unanimous intention
Land of the sea current described as lessons of the eyes

Gave as an heirloom for the young generations so the peace will be completely achieved

Dedicated to the Mujahidin (Freedom fighter and defenders) of before, after including to those still in the womb of their mothers in the struggle to end socio-economic, political, and historical injustices to the people of Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan (MINSUPALA) region for freedom and independence!.

Nelson Singson Dino


Undoubtedly, Sulu Archipelago is a beautiful place that only few people who able to see its beaut. We will just hope in the future the whitesands and deep Sulu sea, which is the womb of gigantic oil reserve in the world, would be utilized by the Tau Sug for the upliftment of their Island country and their economic status. The people could reap here a lot not only wealth but including the remnants of sufferings of the downtrodden Tau Sug.

For the Peaceful and Just World support the Assertion of Sulu Independence on 17 November 2010.